App Developer: Become a professional coders.

With the help of the internet whose partner is in this mobile-filled world, you are able to download the desired apps in a pinch. But have you ever thought, who makes these apps?

If yes then it is a very good thing that the person who makes these apps is called App Developer. But, who is an app developer, and how to make mobile apps?

If you want to increase your knowledge in this field by getting detailed information on this subject, then this article is for you only. Apps for every category from gaming to education are available on the Play Store for Android users and on the App Store for iPhone users.

And it is very important to know about the new apps on the market in the day, so let’s know.

Who is the app developer?

An app developer is also called a Computer Software Engineer. Which is used to create, test and program apps on computers and mobile devices.

In short, the function of an app developer is to develop apps, app developers usually work with the team for an organization. Or they develop the app according to the requirement of the customers.

An app developer has knowledge of essential programming languages, using which they are able to develop an app.

Types of Application – Different types of applications

An app developer may be able to create apps for any or all of the OSes. Let us know how many parts the application is divided on the basis of functionality.

#1 Native Mobile Apps

Mobile apps that are made for a particular platform are called native mobile applications. like; An app that can be run only on Android or iPhone is called Native Mobile Apps.

Such apps optimize the experience of users, as they are designed for a particular platform only.

#2 Hybrid Mobile Apps

HTML5 programming language is used to develop such applications. These apps are also installed in your mobile like native apps. Such application helps users to click photos, track physical activities and get notifications.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. are all examples of hybrid mobile apps.

#3 Web Apps

Applications that run on a web server are called Web Apps. These web apps have contributed a lot in making the internet work.

Online forms, word processors and even Facebook are all web applications that can be accessed through browsers through the Internet.

Web Apps can be accessed from any device. For example, you can access the Gmail app from a browser on any device on Android, iPhone, Windows.

App developers are working does it ?

The task of an app developer is to develop apps for different operating systems such as Android, Windows or any other operating system. All the apps in your smartphone have been developed by an app developer.

Usually every app developer is skilled in one area, while there are some developers who are able to develop apps in many categories.

An app developer develops the apps as per the requirement of the client. Many marketing firms that provide app development facilities

She first understands the needs of the user and then assigns the task of creating an app of the same category to the app developer.

An app developer develops the app as per the public’s requirement. Keeping all the things in mind, this app is made in such a way that it should be used in different types of devices, be it cell phone, tablet or Windows.

Once the process of making an app is complete, then that app is sent into production. And then the task of that app developer is to prepare patches to upgrade that app. So that it can be launched in the app market.

An app developer can give his services by working in a company or organization. Or he can earn money by serving himself as a freelancer as a self-employed .

However, after learning App Development, a fresher is advised to expand his work experience by joining an organization or company for a few months and working with customers and brands so that with a good package he can go to another firm I could work

Types of App eveloper – Types of App Developer

So now after understanding who is an app developer? If you also have the will power to become an app developer, then let us first know how many types of app developers are there. After knowing those, you will be able to decide what kind of app developer I want to become.

#1 Mobile App Developer

With the changing times, devices like mobile, tablet have become an important part of human life. The most widely used mobile Android in the world works on iOS. Therefore, the person developing these devices of the small screen operating system is called a mobile app developer.

Being a smartphone user, you often see new apps in the mobile every day. To develop these apps, mobile app developers develop apps using programming languages ​​like C, C ++, Python, Java.

 Each mobile device uses different programming languages. Therefore, app developers understand this and develop app in this way. So that it can be run on all mobiles.

Talking about the career of the mobile app developer, it can be called a great opportunity. Those who are looking at their career in this direction. Because, due to increasing use of smartphones and increasing dependence on applications in it, good money and career can be seen in this direction.

#2 Android Developer

At this time, most mobiles run on Android operating system in the whole world. This operating system is currently owned by Google .

Large mobile manufacturing companies like; Mobile phones of Samsung, Sony, MI etc. are operated on Android OS only.

Working as an Android Developer on Android devices such as; For mobile, tablet, TV, etc., Android applications of any category have to be developed. The code used to create Android apps is called open source.

That is, anyone can use them. Therefore, with a little hard practice and understanding, any user can develop an Android app.

With the changing times, the number of Android users is very high, so the demand for Android apps is also high in the market, so Android can be called a good career of app development.

#3 iOS Developers

Apple’s smartphones, known as iPhones, all work on iOS. Those who develop apps for iPhone are called iOS Developer.

Becoming an iOS developer is not easy. Because, to develop an app for iPhone, one needs to have a good knowledge of Swift (important programming language for making apps for iOS, Mac) or Objective C, C or both of these languages.

Professional iOS developers know how to develop an app. He is given structure and how his testing and debugging is done.

There is a demand for a Skilled iOS developer in the market. Although becoming an iOS developer is not easy at all, but those who have passion in this work and work as a professional developer, good opportunities exist in this field.

So in this way you learned about these three types of mobile apps.

Essential qualification to become an app developer?

Top Skills for App Developers
Source: Career Karma
  • To become an app developer, you must have the necessary skills. So that you can create a great app according to the client’s requirement.
  • Creativity is essential for app developers to develop different types of applications or to solve problems coming in apps.
  • There should be close knowledge of applications, which part of the application should be used, which should be knowledgeable.
  • Being an app developer, if you deliver your services directly to the customers then you should also have knowledge of good customer service. So that you can answer their questions and fix their problems.
  • There should be a capacity for teamwork, especially to develop big applications, it is very important to have a teamwork skill while working on a big project.
  • An app developer should have good programming language and technical knowledge as technical skills are very important in this field.
  • You must also have good communication skills as an app developer. So that you can develop a great app by sharing your ideas with your team, with the client.

How to become an app developer?

If you want to give your services as an app developer, then you should consider the following things.

  • To become a professional app developer, it is necessary to pass Computer Science in 12th standard.
  • You must have a basic knowledge of computers , because the work of developing the application is done through the computer.
  • After the 12th for the knowledge of coding, you can do any course like B.Tech in Computer Science, BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application).
  • You need to practice hard to get knowledge of programming languages ​​for Android App Development. Because a good app developer should have close knowledge of coding only then a good developer can be made.

Programming languages ​​to become an app developer

Programming languages ​​are very important to be a developer. However, the need for programming languages ​​depends on which platform (Android iOS) or for which purpose the app is being built.

A new programming language, Swift, is currently being used to create Mac OS, iOS Apps. However, even today many applications of this operating system are being made under the old programming language Objective-C.

If you want to become an iOS app developer, then you should have a good grasp on both these programming languages.

At the same time, if you want to become an Android App Developer, then here you should have knowledge of Java programming language. Because most parts of Android app are written in Java.

 Please tell that you do not even need any special programming knowledge to develop Android app. Because, Android Studio provides an app development software made by Google itself. With the help of which many app developers make.

If you want to become Android App Developer in future, then you can try to learn Android Studio from today itself.

Career in App Development ?

The IT industry is growing rapidly, in such a situation, you can see a good career in this field. Today, the dependency of users in mobile applications is constantly increasing.

The demand for apps is increasing rapidly in every field from Entertainment, Education to Online Business. So for an app developer, good career money and name is hidden in this direction.

So in a nutshell, if you are preparing to become an app developer today, then in future you can see your golden future in this direction.

What did you learn ?

In this article, you have taken complete information about the app developer. You know what an app developer is, how to become an app developer?

Also, the qualifications required to become an app developer, programming languages ​​and career prospects in app development have to be known in detail.

We hope you like this article and will prove useful to you.


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