How to do Automatic Birthday Wish on Facebook?

Automatic Birthday Wish is a fun trick, keeping track of a Facebook friend ‘s birthday is a difficult task for most of us. Although Facebook keeps on reminding us of upcoming birthdays, we easily miss out on wishing important people.

Automatic Birthday Wish on Facebook
Automatic Birthday Wish on Facebook

Here’s a simple solution – BirthdayFB, a Facebook app that keeps track of your friend’s birthdays and automatically posts your birthday wishes on their timeline.

Here’s what makes this app special-

  • Forget after configuring, set a one-time message for a Facebook friend and it will be sent every year on his/her birthday.
  • Personally, unlike other similar apps, Messages has no linkbacks or ad text, so no one will know you’re relying on a tool.
  • Keeps you updated on wishes sent via email.

How to wish Facebook friends automatic birthday?

With the help of BirthdayFB, you can do Automatic Birthday Wish, which will automatically post birthday wishes on its timeline. How to say happy birthday automatically on Facebook? Its method is something like this-

  • First of all go to ‘s site and click on Connect to Facebook.
  • Now click on Keep your name, now link your Facebook account by clicking on OK.
  • Now the Start tab will open, then click on link.
  • The Birthday option will be shown on the FB Event page, on which copy the link by right-clicking on it.
  • Now paste the link that comes back to Birthdayfb’s site, and click on Import Friends.
  • Now select your country in the country, and save it.
  • Now import the list of all you friends. Now you can make your own setting.

How To Post Happy Birthday Wishes Automatically on Facebook

Now your friends can automatically send your saved Birthday Wishes Jayingee on the day their birthday is! So friends, in this way you can very easily wish your Facebook friends birthday automatically.

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