Top 50+ Free Movie Download Sites 2022 [Tested]

You may watch a movie on the weekends or even during the week to alleviate stress and maintain your hormone levels. However, most individuals would prefer not to leave the comfort of their couches or beds to attend a movie at the cinema. Searching for free movie download sites is a difficult task filled with risks (trust me!).

The majority of the time, Google directs you to unsafe movie downloading sites. Thus, it is important to be aware of websites that allow you to download free movies without compromising your security and privacy.

In order to find safe sites to download movies, we conducted extensive research. We recommend that you use an Adblocker while surfing such sites in order to avoid clicking the advertisements’ “Download” buttons.

In the event that you are unable to download videos from certain sites, you can use any reliable “Online Video Downloader” solution by performing a Google search or by using for faster download speeds.

Best Free Movies Download Websites 2022

Legal Movie Site NameWebsite URL
Pluto TV
Tubi TV
Roku Channel
iflix – Movies & TV Series
The Internet Archive
Open Culture
The Korean Film Archive
Watch TCM
Ullu (For Indian Audience)
Vimeo OnDemand

We have compiled a list of the best free movie download sites. All of these sites offer free movies without any strings attached.


There is no better place to watch and download movies for free than this website. We offer more than seven thousand titles of movies and TV series, so you are sure to enjoy this site. If you choose not to register, you may watch the program for free.

You can watch movies online by clicking on the ads on this website. If you wish to watch movies on this site, you may need to disable your ad-blocker.



It is somewhat difficult to locate the right full movie on YouTube. There have been numerous channels that have uploaded trailers or scenes with clickbait titles. Therefore, it is best to subscribe to a few channels of Movie Production companies that provide full movies.

Use YouTube Downloaders

Using a YouTube downloader will allow you to download videos to your device. You might try for downloading videos.

Making a digital copy of your favorite DVDs at home is a good way to protect your discs from scratches and save space. This free and powerful program can assist you in backing up and digitizing any DVD to MP4 for the purpose of digital storage and convenient playback on an HDTV or mobile device.


The Internet Archive

Without this beautiful website, the world of the Internet would be very different. This is the website that features the Way Back Machine through which you can see how Yahoo, Google, and Facebook appeared as embryos. It also archives free movies and TV shows. The company has launched a new section called “Movies” where you can search for and download movies for free.


Retrovision Classic Movies

You can watch and download free movies on this website. Classic movies in the public domain are available on this website. If you enjoy classic films. You have come to the right place. This website’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly. Upon opening this website, you will see the most recent movie additions as the news feed.



You can find a variety of download magnets on PirateBay, including videos, television shows, sports, documentaries, and much more. In reality, it is an online index of digital entertainment media and software. In 2003, Piratbyrn, a Swedish company, created it.

There is, however, a minor disadvantage in that this website has no control over the type of content that users upload. Thus you may unwittingly download illegal or sensitive content onto your computer as a result of getting pirated content.

There are no tools for examining the vast amount of content that users have uploaded since it is merely a forum for uploading and downloading content. Therefore, PirateBay ranks at the bottom of our list.

As a matter of fact, it is also one of the best places to access new movies for free, in my opinion. Allow me to explain. It is still possible to download a Netflix original TV series titled “Raised by Wolves” from PirateBay, even though it was released only last month. Therefore, if you wish to watch a new show or movie, I highly recommend this website!

You must follow the steps outlined below to download content from the PirateBay:

How to Get Free Movie Downloads on PirateBay

To learn how to download free movies, simply follow these steps:

  • You must first download Utorrent from this website.
  • After you have installed Utorrent, visit PirateBay.
  • Next, type the desired file’s name into the search bar and press Enter.
  • Click the magnet connection once you’ve finished your quest.
  • You will be prompted to open Utorrent after you click on the magnet.
  • As soon as you open Utorrent, your file will begin to download.


Roku Channel

Previously, Roku could only be used for television; however, now they offer both free and paid streaming on their website. In addition to television and movies, there are various Roku channels. You may wish to include this in your list of websites that feature online movies. Their content is completely legal as well as regularly updated.


Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers a streaming live TV service that is quite different from that of its competitors. But why? You can watch hundreds of TV channels for free with Pluto TV. These include news, sports, movies, and documentaries. The right option for you is to cut the cable cord and save some money.

This website’s user interface is very similar to a typical television. The designers have attempted to replicate the look and feel of a television. You can scroll through the list of TV Channels and view what is currently available.



Yidio is a universal search and discovery engine that finds movies and shows across Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and hundreds of other providers. Additionally, they have their own Movies Dedicated TV channels, which stream the best movies online for free.


Netflix Trial



You can watch a large selection of free online movies on this website, which is owned by Sony Entertainment. You can watch uncut free online movies, original programming and free TV shows.

Previously known as Grouper, Sony Crackle has evolved into an online movie service. Sony Crackle apps are also available for the PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player, Google TV, Samsung Blu-Ray Player, and many other platforms. Some regions are not covered by Sony Crackle.



The online movie streaming niche is also dominated by Hulu. Its services are limited to certain regions, primarily the United States. However, you can always make use of Virtual Private Network software. The first month of Hulu’s free trial period allows you to view unlimited movies online.

You can watch most of your favorite shows and movies online. You can choose from a variety of genres or search for titles. You can also access Hulu on Android, iOS, and Smart TVs.


YIFY movies

A website known as YTS, YIFY videos, allows users to stream and download movies. We call the website YIFY after its creator, Yiftach Swery. It is the high-definition video quality and small file size that makes YIFY movies so attractive. It has therefore attracted a large number of users over time. It offers a wide variety of high-quality content.

How do I download movies from YIFY Movies?

  • Please download uTorrent or another torrent client in order to complete your download of any movie from this website.
  • To download a video, go to the YTS movie’s website and use the search bar or the YTS gallery.
  • Upon opening the download page, you will see the various quality options available for download. Choose the resolution in which you wish to view your movie.
  • When you click on the resolution, as seen in the picture, your torrent link will be downloaded at the bottom of the page. download in utorrent after you click on it.

Due to’s large movie library, you will be able to find almost any new or classic movie there.



The Open Culture site offers movies, audiobooks, and courses. You can access 1,150 movies for free on this site. Comprises classics, independents, film noirs, documentaries, and other films created by some of America’s greatest actors, actresses, and directors. We have six main sections on this website: Movies, Online courses, Language lessons, e-Books, Textbooks, Audiobooks. The movie section contains a large collection of movies.



The website is operated by Screen Media Ventures. You can stream and download movies using Popcorn Flix from your library of hundreds of titles. You do not need to register for the service.

You will need to disable your ad-blocker before you can view or download films from this website. A copyright issue restricts access to this website to a few regions. To access this website, you may need a VPN service.



You may also be unaware of the fact that Vimeo allows you to download and stream movies as well. Their collection of free movies is extensive. Popular genres include action, animation, comedy, and war. This website also offers free access to amazing documentaries.

There is also a section where you can watch movies on-demand where you can purchase your favorite movies to watch. You can also watch movies and short films in amazing 360 degree technology with 40k Ultra HD. Their Stock videos section provides videos that can be used for both personal and commercial projects, free and paid.

You can use online Vimeo downloaders or download managers.


Amazon Prime Video

Netflix’s main competitor, Amazon Prime Video, produces its own original series just like Netflix. Prime Video subscribers may also watch movies online. It provides a 30-day free trial of all video content, just like Netflix.

There are many films to choose from on Amazon. Video on Amazon Prime Video can be viewed on three devices simultaneously. This service is available for a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and others.



It is a free and subscription-based service with a focus on emerging markets. This service is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently, the service is available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Brunei.

The user interface is helpful for new users in selecting which films to watch. Red, green, and yellow are the three different colors used to label each title. The color code is based on the user’s rating of the free movie. For the excellent rating, green is used, yellow for the medium, and red for the poor rating.



The Walt Disney Company India, through a subsidiary, owns and operates Hotstar, an Indian subscription video-on-demand service.

You may not be familiar with Hotstar, but it is a video streaming service that features a large collection of films in both English and Hindi. Downloading movies and shows is free on Hotstar. It has a user-friendly interface and a well-designed mobile application.



You can find a wide selection of movies and television shows on Vudu. In reality, it is part of Walmart’s DVD rental and purchase program. You can view selected movies for free on this website. However, registration is required. You will be given two options. You can either purchase the movie or watch it for free.


Watch TCM

American subscribers to cable television can view free movies and television. In recent years, many movie studios have partnered with cable networks in order to provide online access to a wide range of movies.

It is Turner Classic Movies (TCM) that offers the widest selection of movies of all of these various free services. Those with a cable or satellite subscription are able to watch an unlimited number of free movies through a program called Watch TCM.

It is also better because TCM has dedicated applications for Android, iOS, Apple TV, and other platforms. You will find news, biographical details about musicians, short films, and movie reviews on the site.

What do we like about TCM?

You may combine it with cable television. Several platforms are available for classics. Currently, the following movies are available for free on TCM only in the United States:

  • Gone With The Wind
  • Casablanca
  • Westworld


Movies Found Online

The website MoviesFoundOnline is one of the best free movie download websites that curates movies, TV programs, and stand-up comedy videos. This website also offers short films, documentaries, and viral videos. Action, Drama, Adventure, Horror, and Science Fiction are popular genres. Third-party video hosting services are also used, primarily YouTube.



You can watch classic movies online for free on this website, one of the best free online sites to do so. Thousands of films are available here for viewing and downloading. You can choose from a wide range of movie genres at Classic Cinema Online, including Comedy, Documentary, Music, Sci-Fi, Western, Family, and Holiday. If you wish to travel back in time, you can also view silent movies on this site.



With Kanopy you can access thoughtful content on your favorite device without paying a fee or being exposed to ads. You can find a wide variety of fascinating and educational films on Kanopy, whether you are a film enthusiast or a casual moviegoer. Please login with your library card to access our extensive collection, which is updated monthly.

The website I found has a diverse selection of films and television shows that are available for free. The number of films available to stream each month varies according to the library. It is worth trying out.


Public Domain Torrents

The only torrent website that I am aware of that is considered safe for use is Public Domain Torrents. Thousands of public domain and movie files are available on this website with the permission of the company.

These files can be downloaded using BitTorrent software. Their genres include Adventure, Animation, Science Fiction, Comedy, B-Movies, Mystery, War, Documentary, Romance, Drama, and others.



IMDb TV is owned by Amazon. In the United States, this service is available for free to all Fire TV owners. The audience liked the first few collections on this website, and the company committed to adding more material regularly.

Schitt’s Creek is available for free streaming on IMDb TV. One of its major flaws is that the service lacks features, such as Audio Descriptions and parental controls, that can be found on other streaming services. Despite its library and lack of intrusive advertisements, users may be drawn to other platforms for a better overall experience.



Peacock is the only way to watch NBCUniversal movies and shows on-demand, making it the only place where you can watch hit shows like “The Office.” Peacock will release free and premium versions by July 2020. Peacock Premium with ads costs $5 per month, while Peacock Premium Plus with ads costs $10 per month.

Peacock’s free edition contains advertisements, however. Peacock provides free access to over 7,500 hours of movies and TV, but a subscription to the Peacock Premium link offers you access to twice as much content.


The site AZMovie is one of the best sites where you can watch free movies in HD quality and does not require you to register. Movies are generally available in either 1080p or full HD. There is no content hosted on this website. It uses third-party video hosting services such as Putlocker, SolarMovie, YesMovies, and others.


Korean Film Archive

You will undoubtedly find the Korean Film Archive on YouTube to be a hidden treasure. Several groups in Pakistan enjoy Korean films and dramas. Over 250 Korean classic movies and shows are available on this YouTube channel.

The popularity of Korean films and dramas is increasing in the United States. Aimless Bullet, A Drawf Launches A Little Ball, Sopyonje, and other well-known films are available for free viewing. The majority of these films have English subtitles as well.

How to Download Korean Film Archive Films

  • You may access the Korean Film Archive on YouTube by clicking this link. Choose a movie from the wide selection of films.
  • A download icon will appear just below the video when you first start the clip. Upon clicking the download button, the movie will begin to download.



SonyLiv is among the most popular sites for downloading movies. You will be able to access a variety of content through this service, which is multipurpose. Enter the world of entertainment on SonyLiv’s website.

If you enjoy Bollywood movies and other famous TV shows such as Indian Idol, Big Boss, and so on, then this is undoubtedly the perfect place for you. You will also find Hollywood and other films here. You can also rent movies here.

Additionally, there is a lot of sports content. Therefore, users will be able to watch all of the matches online. This includes live channels such as Sony BBC and others.

Although the platform is primarily used for free movie downloads and online viewing, there is also a premium account that offers additional features such as drama channels, free MP4 movie downloads, and other perks. A user must register and sign in before accessing the portal. It also has an app that allows users to stream new movies directly to their iOS or Android devices.



HoiChoi, an Indian video streaming website, is owned and operated by SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd. It was launched in 2017. As well as its website, its software is available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

HoiChoi is a Bengali-language OTT service that also features a large collection of South Indian films and television shows. Japan’s Hoichoi means “nonstop excitement.”


Jio Cinema

It is without a doubt one of the most popular platforms for watching films, web series, television series, and documentaries. Despite being only available since September 2016, this OTT platform has quickly established itself as one of the most popular places to watch and download movies.

Jio Cinema has become very popular with the general public due to the fact that it offers free access to a wide variety of OTT platforms. Yes, you can watch Bigg Boss episodes on Jio Cinema for free rather than paying a Voot subscription fee.

Apart from Voot, you can also access exclusive web series and movies from ALTBalaji, Eros Now, Paramount Pictures, Zee Entertainment, Viacom 18, Shemaroo, and Balaji Motion Pictures for free. Furthermore, Jio Cinema recently partnered with Hoichoi, a Bengali streaming site, to provide Bengali content dubbing into Hindi.


Airtel Xtream

The most recent addition to our list of free movie downloading sites is Airtel Xtream. The platform is fantastic for not only watching but also downloading Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and English movies, TV shows, web series, and documentaries.

You should be familiar with Airtel Xtream if you use an Airtel SIM card. The OTT website offers a variety of movies, web series, and television shows.

Airtel Xtream is famous among movie enthusiasts for uploading Hindi dubbed versions of all major Hollywood and Tollywood films.

You can download Hollywood movies and Hindi dubbed movies using Airtel Xtream.



The most well-known of India’s OTT platforms is Ullu. Unlike other Indian OTT sites, Ullu has revolutionized Indians’ perception of web series. Ullu has produced a number of web series and films, but few of them have a compelling storyline.

You may want to consider getting an Ullu subscription if you are more interested in the personal and bold content than the plot.



The site is easy to use, is clean, and has an appealing homepage. There are high definition movies available on fast streaming servers. You can therefore watch the free movies on this website without having to wait for them to buffer if you have a broadband Internet connection of at least 2 MBPS. The website contains fewer advertisements and none of them are annoying.

This website also features a simple and clean media player. Overall, I would rate the user interface of this website 9 out of 10. A subtitle feature is also available. You can select the language of the subtitles according to your own location, such as English, Spanish, and French.


Streaming sites are reviewed on a regular basis, so you are always provided with sites that work. Streaming sites are categorized to enhance the user experience.



A legal free movie website, TorHD, hosts links to other video hosting websites. The site contains free movies in High Definition that can be viewed online. They host the movies using different platforms, such as YouTube and Dailymotion. This website contains some clickbait download advertisements, so you should exercise caution while browsing this site.

This website offers excellent coverage and is updated regularly. Almost all of the latest films are available in high definition. We have verified all the links and very rarely do we encounter broken links. The movies can be categorized into different genres as well, so you can watch the movie as well as your own unique genre taste.



You can expect the movie to arrive here right after the first cinema release. In addition to providing the cam version of the latest movies, they also upload the HD versions as soon as the movie is available online.

Browse through the genres or conduct a search to find your favorite movie. There are also many top-rated TV shows on this website, including Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, House of Cards, and many more. On this website, you can also create a free account to stay updated and receive movie recommendations.


It is similar to Google in terms of the latest movies and TV programs. On the home page of this website, a search bar provides you with a way to find your favorite free movie or TV series to watch. The results page returns the query you searched for as well as other suggestions.

You can search for free movies on this website in three different ways. You can search by country or region. You can also search by genre as well.

A unique feature of this website, unlike others, is that you can also search for free movies by IMDB rating. The website also allows you to request movies that are not currently available.

Common FAQs For Movie Download Sites

Where can I download movies for free?

In testing hundreds of sites, we selected only the most reliable ones that allow users to download movies. Be sure to use an ad blocker when browsing these sites.

How can I download full movies?

There are a number of ways to download films, including torrents, direct downloads, and legal sites (listed at the top).

Do I need a VPN for free movie download?

If you’re sure you’re downloading movies from a legal website, you don’t need a VPN or proxy to hide your online activity.

Which app is best for downloading movies?

We have a roundup of free movies apps that allow movies to be downloaded.

How do I download new movies app?

You can find the same information in the previous answer.

There is no specific test that can be run to ensure that the platform you are downloading from is offering legal movies. We have double-checked and verified that all of the sources on our list are legitimate.

Additionally, you will see if the free platform offers newly-released movies and if it has an abundance of advertisements and VPN tips – these are all warning signs of a potentially illegal source.

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can stream Netflix content on your Android or iOS device. The Netflix app for Windows must be downloaded first. As a result, there is no Netflix app for Mac that allows you to view or stream movies.

In addition to that, I recommend you try torrent sites to find your desired free movie rather than downloading them from movie websites. If you are a mobile user, then you may use our list of Best Free Movie Apps

Recommendation For Downloading Free Movies

You can download movies from hundreds of websites on the Internet. However, visiting each website to find movies is extremely time-consuming. In the wake of the takedown of The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents, a new term emerged in the torrent industry: torrent search engines.


The majority of people search for movies online using Google. Google displays a list of movies that contain 90% spam and illegal websites.

As a result of such websites, you are not only watching the pirated version of the film but also a few others. As these websites host illegal and pirated movies, they cannot utilize reputable ad networks. In order to sustain and earn profits from websites. They use pop-up advertisements.

They may also host malware such as crypto-malware and even ransomware. This is not only dangerous for the security of your computer, but it may also be a stepping stone to more serious crimes.

Best Free Movies Download Websites
Best Free Movies Download Websites

If not, these websites require you to register in order to download free movies. You may be required to complete surveys in order to do so.

This can lead to identity theft. Owners of such sites sell your credentials on the black market, which are then used by cybercriminals for all types of illicit purposes.

You can also sign up for such websites if you want to send third-class email marketing campaigns. This includes spammers as well. You will soon receive emails from fake dating websites and giveaways.

Why did all that happen? You were trying to watch your favorite movie on the free movie streaming website.

Final Words

Listed above are the best and safest free movie sites that allow us to watch and download movies for free. Nothing comes for free on the Internet. In some cases, free services are provided while a reasonable income is generated.

Other cases do not. The list of movie download sites that we have provided allows you to watch and download movies without committing any piracy or engaging in any unsafe practices.

The main goal of this article is to provide well-researched information about the top free movie download sites. Therefore, it is recommended that you research these sites before using them, as they may be blocked in some countries and may not work correctly. I hope you enjoy this list, and please do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments section.

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