What is Binomo Trading? How to Make Money from Binomo?

After all, this is Binomo, are you on the right blog post because today I will tell you what Binomo is? (What is beanmo), what is a binary option? And how you can make money from it.

Binomo is a simple platform for online trading. In particular, they provide specialist brokerage services. With Binomo, you can comfortably trade currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies from the comfort of your home. In addition, they provide you with expert tutorials and guidance on how to become a Professional Trader.

If you also want to know about all these things, then you must read this article till the end, only then you will be able to understand how to earn money using the online Binomo application from home.

What is binomo and how does it work?

Making money with Binomo is also very easy. After going to the dashboard, you can see a graph that is up and down from time to time. Understand, a graph is the only way to earn your money.

You have to understand that graph carefully and if you think the graph is going to go up now, click on the button in the dashboard up, if the graph stays up and does not go “down” as scheduled, you will You will win as you think.

If the graph now goes down, you click on the “Down” button. If the graph does not go up then you will win trading on Binomo otherwise you will lose money.

How to create an account on Binomo?

It is very easy to create an account on Binomo as you just have to give your basic details. The thing to learn is that four types of accounts can be created on the Binomo application.

In Binmo, you can create 4 types of accounts, which have their advantages and disadvantages. We will not say loss, but let’s understand about the Binmo account: –

About Demo Account

Demo account, then this account is given to you only for demo so that you can understand about Binomo Application and learn how it works. You can open this account without paying any money and you are given some online money in this free demo account so that you can trade.

About Standard Account

Standard account is also available to you absolutely free. There is nothing restricted in this account that you can use all the features. But if you use this account, you get 85% profit. The remaining 15% is retained by the Binomo Company as Commison.

About Gold Account

Friends gold account is also like standard account. In this you will get to use everything and you can participate in any competition you like. But if you use this account, you get 86% profit, the balance is taken by the service of Binomo Company.

About VIP Account

You get a lot of features in a VIP account and you get a lot of benefits. If you have this account, you also get a bonus and whenever you add money to it, you will also get cashback and you will get 87% of every profit. This means more money than all accounts and all other features that you can use with this account. Meaning if you use this account, you will get more benefits.

I would recommend that you use a demo account first. When you feel that you have understood well how things work, you can move forward.

How to use Binomo App?

  • To start trading, you will need to log in with a Bonamo account. You can see in the upper right corner just above the trading chart.
  • After setting up the account that you are using a real account, you then select the asset (for example, EUR / USD) that you want to trade.
  • Determine the amount of time and money you want to trade.
  • After that, you click on either the green (green) or red button (red) so that the direction you go is indicated.
  • Wait for the time you have scheduled to run and if your prediction is correct, your income will be paid into your account immediately.

How to make money with Binomo App?

In Binomo application, first you have to create an account and after that you have to enter it. Then you will see a graph in front. That graph is the graph of trading. If the graph goes up, it means profit, and if it goes down, then loss.

You just have to guess the same thing in the Binomo application. You have to invest money the same way you invest in trading. And to predict whether the graph will go up or down. In most Binomo applications, the graph goes up, benefiting you.

Thousands of people earn every day from Binomo, that too by sitting at home and doing leisurely business. You can also earn, just you will need some practice. Once you understand everything in it, you can easily earn money.

How to withdraw money from Binomo?

You have easy ways to deposit and withdraw money in your Binomo account in various ways.

  • You can fund your account using your bank card. You can also fund your account with your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or Litecoin) wallet.
  • All transactions are completed as soon as verified by the Payment System.
  • You can withdraw funds from your bank account or any of the E-Wallet options available in your vicinity.
  • Withdrawal can only be done through the Payment Method that you funded with your Trading Account.
  • However, Withdrawal can only be done through the payment method from which you funded your Trading Account.
  • Binomo will not take any commission on your Deposits and Withdrawals.


Binomo offers an exciting way to make income on the Financial Market, without leaving your day job or business.

With Binomo, you not only gain access to a Trading Platform, but you also gain access to Expert Tutorials.

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