How to Delete Discord Server on Desktop & Mobile [ Full Guide ]

Don’t want your Discord server anymore? Are you hosting a Discord server? It is easy to delete a Discord server with a few clicks.

You’re in the right place if you want to permanently delete your server!

It is possible to delete a Discord server by using the Discord desktop application (web, macOS & Windows) or the Discord mobile application (iOS & Android).

It can only be deleted by the owner of the Discord server.

delete Discord Server

You can delete your own servers using either a desktop or mobile app.

We recommend that you scroll down and follow the instructions in the desktop app if you want to delete it faster.

How to Delete Discord Account ?

Gaming communities rely on Discord to communicate. Yet it has its issues. It can shut down without the user knowing, abuse in chat, among others. It is best to delete your Discord account if you wish to leave the app. Learn how to delete your Discord account from your computer or phone in this article.

Note: Before closing your account, you must remove or transfer ownership of any servers you own.

(iOS & Android) How to Delete Discord Server from Mobile Device

You can always verify your steps with us by looking at screenshots of the instructions for deleting the Discord server via mobile. IOS and Android phones follow the same procedure.

Step 1: Install the Discord app on your smartphone

Step 2: The left-hand side menu can be accessed by tapping on the hamburger icon in the upper left corner of the first screen. If you swipe the screen from the left to the right edge, the menu will also appear

Step 3:The Discord server you want to delete can be selected in the left-hand menu by tapping its icon

Step 4:You can then open the server’s menu by tapping the three dots next to the name (top right corner of the left side menu) in the same window

Step 5: You can access settings by selecting the gear icon (gear) in the server menu

Step 6: Next, select the Overview option from the server settings menu

Step 7: Tap “Delete Server” in the Overview window.

Step 8: Confirm your deletion of the server through the confirmation pop-up

Step 9: You will need to input your six-digit authentication code if you have enabled two-factor authentication (2FA).

Step 10: Confirm the deletion of the server by tapping “Delete Server”

If you are asked why you deleted the server, just choose any answer.

The Discord server you have been using has been purged.

How to Delete a Discord Server via Discord Desktop App

  • On a Windows or Mac computer, you can open the Discord app.
  • You can delete a Discord server by finding it and clicking it.
  • After clicking on the Discord server name, you can select Server Settings.
  • On the left-hand side, click Delete Server.
  • Alternatively, a six-digit authentication code is required in the pop-up window.
  • To remove your own Discord server from the list, click the Delete Server button.

If you delete a Discord server, it can be restored.

How to Delete Discord Server with Discord Mobile App

  • Your mobile device must have the Discord app installed.
  • You can delete a Discord server by tapping it.
  • The side menu can be accessed next by swiping the screen right.
  • Tap on the name of the Discord server you want.
  • On the next screen, tap the Overview option under Settings.
  • You can delete a server by scrolling down to the bottom of the Overview window.
  • The server will be deleted if you tap Yes.

You can also transfer ownership of the Discord server if you simply do not want to use it. Select Members from the left panel when you open Server Settings. You can transfer ownership of an account to someone by choosing the three-dot icon next to that person in the member list.

How can you tell if the Discord server was deleted?

Are Discord servers deleted if they are no longer active?

Discord servers that disappear from your server list and cannot be found in the search often mean that they have been deleted.

Discord bans may happen to you if a server disappears from your server list but appears in search results.

After deleting the Discord server, what happens?

If your Discord server is disabled, you probably wonder what happens.

When you delete a server, do you notify its users? When a server member is deleted, no one is notified of it. The server disappears from the app’s server list and it can’t be found by searching and browsing the list of servers.

Discord servers can be recovered?

Deleted servers cannot be restored.

Discord servers cannot be recovered once they have been deleted.

Creating a new server and sending discord invites to former server members is your best choice if you want to add former server members.

Maybe Discord will allow users to recover data in the future.

How to delete your Discord server: Final Notes

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you found it helpful, and deleting Discord servers was easy.

You may also want to consider some useful alternatives and other options if you change your mind.

Make sure to check out the Better Discord extension, one of the options you have for enhancing your Discord server!

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