Find out who has blocked WhatsApp on WhatsApp

Today we are going to tell you about who knows how to block WhatsApp on WhatsApp. If you use WhatsApp, you must know this information.

 It is easy to prevent anyone in this app, in this case, anyone can be blocked within a few seconds, but there is no alert in this app that who blocked you. However, with the help of some tips and tricks, you know which friend has prevented you. 

If you suspect a friend in WhatsApp, you can learn about your friend’s block and unblock status by following the below-mentioned things.

Well, for your information, let’s tell you that WhatsApp has become a popular Messenger app. Today you will find this app available to every smartphone user. This app has many features that you do not find in any other Messenger app. Apart from this, it is easy to use.

Many people want to know who has made WhatsApp and who is currently the owner of it, tell you that Jan Koum and Brian Acton created this app. It was launched in 2009 while talking about its owner, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the owner because Facebook bought this app in 2014.

Find out who has blocked WhatsApp on WhatsApp

As we have already told you that there is no such option on WhatsApp, it will know which one has blocked you but following some tips and tricks can be known about the status of the block. Here we are going to tell you some similar tips and tricks.

1. See the Last Scenes

If you think a friend in your contact has blocked you, then see his last scene and status. If the final stage is not visible, then the reason for this can be blocked, though it can be done by going to the last scene privacy but blocking the numbers also does not look like the previous scene and status.

2. Check profile picture

The second method after the final stage is that you check his profile. If you do not see his profile picture, then he may have blocked you. However, it may also be that he has kept his profile picture, but if you do not see the profile picture for a long time, then you have to understand that the person in front has blocked you.

3. Send Message

When you message someone on WhatsApp, after messages are sent to your mobile, there is a tick underneath the word. When your message becomes the free show of the person who is in front, then the double click appears. If there is a single tick after a long time of sending your message, then the reason for your block can be because of the neighborhood, your message does not reach the person in the front.

4. Message from second account

If you do not see the last scene from the first account or the message is not coming, then in such a situation, you can see the message from your other account or other friend’s WhatsApp. If the last scene is visible from this account and the message is being retrieved, then you have to understand that your number has been blocked.

5. Make the group

In this way, you can know the last thing that your friend has blocked you or create a group for it and add 2 to 3 friends to it. Add a friend to whom you suspect. If he is getting addicted, then that means he has not blocked you, but if he is not getting addicted and if you are not authorized to add this contact. This messaging is going on; then it means he will block you. Have given.

6. Delete account

Many times, even if the friend has deleted the report, then the messages are not sent to him. If you feel that your friend has deleted the account, then to overcome this confusion, you have to go to WhatsApp’s chat option. Now click on your friend’s DP. If the message and call options are visible, then the account has not been closed, but if the invitation is being written, then the account has been deleted.

So you’ve come to know now that there are five easy ways to know who has blocked WhatsApp on WhatsApp. With whose help you can quickly identify which friend has blocked you. If you are suspicious of your friend, then you have to see his last scene, profile picture, and send the message to him, if none of these is recognized or not, then you have to understand that your friend has given you Has blocked.

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