How to Fix Location Unavailable Error in Android Device Manager

Many Android users report problems with their device manager because of an unavailable location error.

There are new errors introduced by Google with each new version of Android OS.

You can fix the Android device manager error “location unavailable” using the steps mentioned in this post. The user gets this error message when they attempt to use their device manager to track the location of their android device.

You can protect your android device using the Android device manager.

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You can use this method to discover your lost Android device, find its location if stolen, or even erase any data it may hold if stolen. Sometimes, it does, however, show an error.

I will discuss how to resolve this problem by using the Android device manager tool in this article.

What is the Android Device Manager?

You can access Android Device Manager after connecting your device to your Google account.

You can not only have this software track down your device if it is lost or stolen but also erase all the electronic data on it that is confidential or personal.

These four functions are Location Tracking, Ring, Lock, and Erase. You can easily use these functions. You will need a Google account, an Android device, and a computer with a web browser.

  1. Play Sound on Android Device: You can ring your phone for 5 minutes to find it, even if it is on silent mode or vibration mode.
  1. Lock your Android Device: Your phone will lock automatically if you have set a password. You can lock your phone even when you haven’t set a password if you’ve lost or stolen it. You can also use this feature for unlocking your smartphone.
  2. Erase data: You can use this feature even if you don’t have your device with you at the time. You will lose all connection with your phone if you choose the “Erase” option. You won’t be able to track your phone after that.

If some other way to locate your phone is unavailable, then consider using this option.

You can use this tool to keep your smartphone or Android device secure.

Your device may occasionally be kept elsewhere.

You just forget about it somehow.

You must have saved many important documents on that device. You’ll be in an irritating situation if you cannot get this.

You can use this tool to find the location. It’s possible to delete the data that has been saved on the device if you cannot locate it.

The problem occurs sometimes when users report “Unavailable Location Errors.” Some people presume this is due to equipment problems. Nonetheless, judging by the number of complaints, this is not the device’s fault.

This is how you should use this app. The error may occur because of incorrect usage.

How to use Android Device Manager on Android Device?

You can use the Android Device Manager app to identify any specific device if you have more than one email address. You must follow the proper procedure. With this app, you can also sign in as a guest.

You can either use a PC or a phone to locate your phone using this application. Following these steps will help you install an app on your Android device.

  • Your lost or stolen device is connected to your Google Account. Log in to your Google Account. You can only find it with that account.
  • You will be able to see information about how to localize your phone.

Why Location Unavailable Error occurs and how to fix this?

Android Device Manager can sometimes work without issue when using the phone. Using a web browser, however, it reports an error. On Android, it works incorrectly, too. This could be due to several factors.

  1. If The location cannot be tracked.track of the location is turned off, you have difficulty synchronizing your device with the cloud. You must check if it says “location unavailable.”
  2. Occasionally, this error appears if you have more than one Google account on your device and another device that is using the same standard Google account is also on. Your current Google account needs to be disabled.
  3. Also, you have to keep in mind your phone’s settings. If the “Find My Device” is not activated, then also it will show an error. To enable this option, go to Settings —> Security —> Device Administrator —> Find My Device —> Activate.
  4. In some cases, GPS location works best when it’s enabled. You can do this by going to Settings > Location and turning it on.
  5. Your stolen or lost Android phone’s battery will also show “Location Unavailable” when it’s dead or switched off.
  6. This problem may arise from an old version of Google Play Service. For this application to work properly, you need to update it.

Steps to fix Location Unavailable Error?

As its applications are so broad, it also presents problems.

The lack of detailed information about their benefits prevents them from using their benefits as much as they would like.

Some technical problems make some people afraid to use it. You can avoid errors such as this by following these steps.

  • First, connect your device to the internet. Either you can turn on the data connection, or you can turn on Wi-Fi. I prefer to turn on Wi-Fi though because the process will be faster and data will be saved. Set location to “High Accuracy Mode.” Go to Settings —> Location —> Mode —> High Accuracy. Click on “High Accuracy.”
  • Now go to Settings —> Application —> All Apps. Find “Google Play Service” and clear the “Cache memory.” Also, if you are not using the latest version of “Google Play Service,” then try to update it.
  • Your device should restart after you update your Google Play Service.
  • When it is turned on, again open Settings —> Apps, and find “Google Play Service.” Open it, clear data, and Cache memory again. Then start your Device Manager. Your problem should have been solved.

You can also try the “Mock Location” feature under Settings –>Developer.

When your phone is lost or stolen, the Android Device Manager makes it simple to track it down, lock it, or wipe it. You can also use it to find your phone if you misplace it or to back it up. The feature, however, cannot be accessed for some users because of an error message saying “Location Unavailable.”

The steps I mentioned above should help you to resolve your problem if you follow them. You should also update your android regularly. That is only a solution to a problem caused by software. You can get another solution if this error is the result of hardware problems.

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