How To Fix Spotify Search Not Working

Is Spotify’s search feature not working for you? This guide will help you resolve the Spotify search issue.

Its members can access millions of tracks and other audio services, such as Podcasts and songs, through Spotify. You can sign up for free, with advertisements and limited features, or upgrade to a premium version that doesn’t have ads and allows you full access. 

What is the Spotify Search Not Working Issue?

You will receive this error when you try to search for your favorite song using the Spotify search box on Windows 10.

You might see messages such as ‘Please try again’ or ‘Something went wrong.’

What are the causes of Spotify search not working issue?

We do not know much about what causes this issue. The following reasons were identified, however, as is common:

1. Corrupt/Missing application file: This is the primary cause of this issue.

2. Spotify bugs: cause problems that can be fixed only when the platform updates itself.

How to Fix Spotify Search Not Working Issue

Next, we will look at how we can quickly fix this problem. The following sections discuss various solutions to the Spotify not working error with an Android phone.

Method 1: Re-Log-in to Spotify

You can resolve this problem by logging out of Spotify and then logging in again. You can re-login to Spotify by following the steps below:

1. Open Spotify app on the phone, as shown here.

2. Click on Home on the Spotify homepage.

3. Click the gear icon located below to get to the Settings page.

4. Below the Log out option, scroll down and tap it.

5. Shut down Spotify and reopen it.

6. Sign in to your Spotify account.

Verify that the problem has been resolved by clicking the search option.

Method 2: Update Spotify

Updates can ensure that your applications stay free of errors and crashes. As well as Spotify, the concept applies. Here are the steps to updating Spotify:

1. Start your Android device by going to Google Play Store.

2. You can select Settings from the Account icon based on the profile picture. Here is an example.

3. Enter Spotify’s name and press Update.

Note: There won’t be a feature to update the app if it already runs in its latest version.

4. Click Settings > Auto-Update apps, as shown here, to update the platform manually.

5. As seen highlighted, select Over any network. This way, Spotify will automatically update whenever streaming is taking place, whether using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

You should now be able to search on Spotify and confirm you’re all set.

Method 3: Disable Spotify Offline Mode

When the search feature isn’t working online, you can disable Spotify’s offline mode. Here is how to disable Offline Mode on Spotify:

1. Spotify is now available. As shown, select Home.

2. You can now tap Your Library.

3. You can access Settings by tapping on the gear icon.

4. You will find Playback on the following screen.

5. Disable the offline mode.

You can see if this fixes the problem; if not, then you can move on to the next method.

Method 4: Reinstall Spotify

Finally, you can try re-installing the Spotify app since this issue is most likely being caused by damaged or missing application files.

1. Click on the Spotify icon and choose Uninstall.

2. Restart your Android device.

3. Follow steps 1-2 in Method 2 to navigate to the Google Play Store.

4. Download the Spotify app using the following instructions.

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