How to Give Robux to friends on Roblox [ Best Way ]

Roblox is an online community where people from different places come together to do different things. One thing you can do is make your own game. You have to join the builder club to do this. Once you are in the club, you can create T-shirts, shirts, and anything else that you want.

Give Robux to friends
Give Robux to friends

As you probably know, Roblox is a game site where you can make or play games and hang out with friends. One way to be generous and help them out, is by giving your friend robux. This guide will teach you how to do that!

What is Robux in Roblox?

Robux is the virtual currency in Roblox used to buy clothes, hats, gear, and other accessories within the game. It can be also used to increase your rank.

One of the easiest ways of getting robux is by earning it with Builders Club membership or buying it with real life money. Membership comes in three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

You can purchase Builders Club (BC) through Roblox’s official website. As of now, one BC costs USD $19.95 for one month and you can save up to 30% off by purchasing them in bulk packs.

If you were wondering how much Robux you would earn per month, here’s the breakdown (USD per BC is an approximation):

1) Silver – 15 robux/month

2) Gold – 20 robux/month

3) Diamond – 30 robux/month

Roblox gives out free daily rewards to its players. The amount of robux that you can earn with this varies (depends on your level). However, the total amount is not substantial enough to make you rich. So if you were looking for ways to get robux or tix, this is not the way to go.

There are other methods of earning robux like taking surveys and participating in promotions but they aren’t always available, so we won’t be discussing them.

The best and most sustainable way of earning robux is by playing games and then selling the items you got for them in the catalog. This method requires a bit of patience as you will spend time playing games, but it can give you significant amounts of robux over time.

Give Robux to your friends on Roblox

  1. First visit the Robux page:
  2. First, you must have Robux. If you don’t have enough, try visiting here.

If you want to give or donate Robux to someone then follow these steps.

1. Click on the profile of the person you want to give Robux to.

2. Scroll down towards the bottom of their profile until you see ‘Gifts’.

3. Click on ‘Gift Amounts’ or ‘Buy Gift Now’.

4. You can choose how much Robux you want to donate and press continue

5. You can add a comment if you want then press ‘Send Gift’

Give Robux to friends

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If you are sending Robux to an account that isn’t a friend, simply enter their full username.

They will be notified of your generous gift and will most likely thank you.

Roblox FAQ :

What is Robux?

Robux is the virtual currency used to purchase digital content on the Roblox platform.

Can I buy Robux?

Yes, you can. There are many Robux generators and other programs that might let you get free Robux.


Robux can be used for a lot of things on Roblox, such as buying virtual clothing and items for your avatar or getting a premium membership. You can also play games with it! Lots of famous YouTubers have made videos about Roblox where they had to buy certain things with Robux as a prize.

If you have any other Roblox-related questions, visit the official Roblox FAQ page here. You can also click the “send me an email” button below that will send your question to us. If we find it useful, we will answer it and post it on our website! Thanks for reading this

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