How to activate Caller Tune in Reliance Jio SIM

Hello everyone and you have been activated for Reliance Jio SIM card in caller Tune. We have all been invited to Reliance Jio for free; we will be able to do so. Your call has been given to call ringtone.

How to activate Caller Tune in Reliance Jio SIM:

If you have a phone call to Reliance, you do not have to phone, or you only have 4G mobile phone, you can download 4G mobile phones from your phone. If you are not able to download the MyJio app from your app, you do not have to download it, but myJio reliance will be able to send you all to your app. Get Started has set the free caller to your smartphone Phone Just set a tone for the tune of 2 times.

How to set Reliance Jio me Caller Tune (How to set Reliance Jio Caller Tune)

Step: Send one SMS to an Android Phone my SMS inbox, or ” JT ” to ” 56789 “.

Step: 2 messages send you a reply, please reply to 1 for SMS.

Step: 3 SMS Get used three option Aayege,

  1. Bollywood, 
  2. Regional, 
  3. International

Inme no option to select an option, you will not be able to access 3. Interaction select three types of messages, send SMS,

Step: 4 Jaise hi Apke Pass Reply SMS Ayega Usme Apko Fir Se 3 Option Milenge

  1. Song Of The Day
  2. Top 10 Song
  3. Popular Song

To select any of the options, consider (Example:  Type 3 to send the text).

The new SMS will take longer to wait.

Step: 5 You can access ten songs option. Wo Is Prakar Hoge-

  1. What can I say
  2. What The hell
  3. Whataya Want From Me
  4. When I see You Smile
  5. When We Die
  6. Where Love Lives Come On In
  7. Where Love Went Wrong
  8. Why RingBack Tone
  9. Why Should I Be Sad
  10. Wigwam 

In the case of an inbox, you can send the number type to the number (Example: The first one is to send a message to Type 1.

Activate the song to activate the SMS request.

Step: 6 Please send an SMS confirmation email. Usme Aapse puchega

” If you want to set your chosen song to your free caller tune. So 1 Type by SMS Send to “you” 1 shot ” Confirmation Send please.”

Step: 7  Ab Apke Jio SIM Par Last Confirmation Karne Ke Liye SMS Aayega Jisme Aapse Pucha Jayega Ki ” If you want to Confirm / Activation This Jio Tune Service, you within 30 Minutes” Y “in writing send to ” you ” Y “to write.

How to Activate Jio Caller Tune [Jio Ringtone Active in Hindi]

If you are not able to set Call Tune in Mobile Jio SIM as mentioned above, then the other way is to know here. If you want to set a Caller Tune in your Mobile SIM 2 Minute, you can activate it from My music App. Let’s give information about this.

1. Download the JioMusic app from the Google Play Store first. Download MyMusic

2. Open it after downloading. And search the song of your mind.

3. Watch the song run once. Once found, the ” Set as JioTune ” button will be located. Press and activate it.

Jio Caller tune Activate

Thus, in your Jio Sim, there will be a message of Activation within 30 Seconds.

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio Free If you are a Geo Consumer then you get a chance to set up a Caller Tune in your mobile number. Today, we are going to tell you how to set up Caller Tune in JI in a few minutes. If you have activated an unlimited pack, then you get free caller tune from Jio Sim, as well, you have the money to set up hello theme. Because many people do not set it, but when it is happening in free, almost all people want to set it up. Many people will not set up a hello tune in the absence of information. Are. Let’s know how you can set Caller Tune in your mobile.

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio

Here we are going to tell you two ways in which the first method is of Jio Music App; the other way is the message. In the first method, you must have Jio’s Music app installed so that you can set up a hello tune for free without any hassle. In other ways, you have to make a message to live only, after which you can select some song to set hello tune or caller tune, so let’s know both ways.

First of all, you need to download the Jio Music app first if you do not have a Geo Music app, where you can get used. We are telling you. First, you have to download My Geo app if you have live SIM then you have My Jio App should be. You can install Geo Music app very easily from My Geo app.

How To Set Caller Tune In Jio Free

After that, you have to open the Jio Music App. Let me tell you that every song is not available for Caller Tune in Jio, but recent songs will be available for Caller Tune in Jio. Whatever song you want to set up for the caller tune, go to the search box of the app and then search the search after you have to click on that song. After searching, if you have a set as Jio Tune option on your song, then you can set that song to tune the call to Jio Sim if the possibility of Jio Tune is not coming, it means that That song is not available for the Jio Sim Caller Tune.

To set the caller tune, as soon as you click on Set as Jio Tune, your song caller will be placed to tune. As soon as you set up, you receive a message and email that says that you have successfully set the song for caller tune.

Another way in this way is to first go to the message box of your mobile. You need to send SMS or message to 56789 by typing JT in the message box, and then you have to select any song and reply it like this You can also set up caller tune by sending SMS to 56789 from your live SIM.

If you want to set someone else’s caller tune in your mobile, then you have to give the button (star) button to the ring in the other mobile, and the caller tune will be activated on your live SIM.

Now you may have known how to set up Caller Tune in Jio, there will be a question in your mind about how long it will be tuned to Jio Sim, then tell you that it will be active for a month, after which you have to click and click again.

 If you want to activate the second song within a month, then you can do so, in this way you can enjoy Caller Tune in Jio Sim Free, for that you do not have to pay any rupees.

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