How to Download Games in Jio Phone

How to download games on jio phone: Users of this phone are very much liked because this phone has a lot of useful features such as video recording, watching videos, clicking photos, internet. Jio Phone has 4 GB internal memory and can be expanded up to 128 GB via micro SD card. Now let’s talk about video games jio phone games that you can play with android (jio games apk) and many more iOS games. Let’s learn how you can download games on your Jio Mobile Phone.

How to download games in jio phone

Jio games in jio phone

Xiao Games Download For Xiao Phone : If you are crazy about Subway Surfer, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans (COC), Pokemon Go, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and Candy Crush, then this is a good news for you because you are on your Geo Phone jio free games and jio new game can be downloaded and installed. To do this, you will need a trick which we have mentioned below.

Games for jio phone keypad

Jio me game: Jio phone is based on Kai OS which is also known as the Firefox operating system. It is wholly based on the Java platform. On this you can play games which are FREE NEW LATEST games are FOR KIDS, GIRLS, BOYS.

JIO Phone Games

Jio games free download

Now we are telling you how to download games in Xiao phone, let’s see it step by step process:

  1. First, turn on mobile data in your live phone
  2. Now download the Firefox App Store with the help of and install it.
  3. After the installation finishes, you will have to open the Firefox App Store, which officially supports Phone Phone.
  4. Here you have to register yourself.
  5. Register on the Registration Page by entering your email id, Password, and your age.
  6. ‘Marketplace’ will send a verification link to your email ID.
  7. Please click on the link to verify your email id.
  8. Now you can sign in on the marketplace.
  9. In it, you can download the vast collection of different applications and games. It works just like the Google Play Store or App Store.
  10. After opening the App Store, you have to search the game.
  11. From here you can download and play your favorite game.

You can enjoy the game by downloading and installing your favorite games under My jio games

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