How to Fix the ‘405 Method Not Allowed Error’

This error will likely cause people to leave your website if they come across it. Your website might have something going very wrong when you see this error, so it’s very difficult to resolve it. But it’s not hard to get your website back online.

What is the 405 Method Not Allowed Error?

This HTTP response indicates that a web browser has attempted to access a webpage using a method that has been blocked. If this message displays, it indicates that the web server receives and acknowledges the attempt, but has rejected the particular HTTP method.

Therefore, the website cannot be accessed by the browser. In the event your site visitor sees an error page while expecting content, it is because the server is unable to deliver the content.

How to fix the 405 Method Not Allowed Error on Your WordPress Website

This error can be fixed in seven different ways on your website. You can try out these options.

Check the URL Request

If the URL is incorrect, then the browser may be blocked by the server. Please make sure the URL that you enter is for the correct webpage.

Reverse WordPress Updates

Occasionally, WordPress updates cause errors. So, check if reverting any WordPress updates fixes the issue. You might want to hold off on implementing the update until the new version has been released. It might have patches and fixes to prevent this from happening.

Uninstall Recent Plugins and Themes

Any recent updates may have resulted in the errors. It is therefore necessary to deactivate these plugins. If you do not see an error while this is deactivated, then you can install them again and try again.

Check for Any Unexpected Database Changes

With step three you should be able to resolve most plugin or theme issues, but occasionally there can be a problem with the database. You might have to manually check your database for any problems since most plugins and themes access your database.

Confirm Server Configuration

The server for your website must be correctly configured. If you don’t know how to set up your server, speak to your server provider. Sometimes a small error on your server can cause a problem. If they can help, they should.

Server-Side Logs

Check the server logs if you’re having trouble identifying the error. Checking the hardware actually used to run your website. If there is a health or status issue on the server, they will tell you about it.

Debug Application Code or Scripts

Finally, verify that custom code on your WordPress website is not the source of the issue. You have a lot of tools available to debug your website’s code.

Final Word: How to Fix the 405 Method Not Allowed Error

This error code is challenging to diagnose, but relatively easy to fix. To ensure error-free WordPress, follow the seven options above.

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