How To Lock Face In The Jio Phone

About today’s phone, everyone knows today because there is a very cheap and affordable phone available on the market. JioPhone, which was launched by Reliance, has made its own identity in the market. The only thing that can be found the 1500 is that there is a 4G service in it. There are many more features in the Xiao Phone such as camera, audio and video recording and you can use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. Jio Phone is a feature phone that has been made available to people at low rates.

( How to lock the phone face lock in the phone)

Jio face lock

Well, there are many options to lock in the phone, but it depends on us which type of lock we are putting on our phone. Face Lock is a feature through which you can lock your phone through your face. It needs to be done in the phone’s settings and you have to enable the Face Lock feature in the phone from the phone lock in the query. Below we will know how you can use face lock in the live phone.


Live phone face lock

In the way we use fingerprint lock on the phone, we enlarge the security of our phones, so that none of us could open the lock on our phone, in the same way, you can use Face Lock Security in your phone. Avoid personal information, photos, and other important contacts saved in the wrong hands. Whenever your phone is open through the Face Lock feature, it will detect your face.

jio phone face lock download

Follow the steps below to download Face Lock in Xiao Phone –

  • First, turn on the Net of your phone.
  • Now go to the menu and open the browser.
  • Type Face Lock App there and OK.
  • Now open the link at the top and download the Face Lock app.
  • Now go to settings and open Phone Lock Security and select Face Lock feature and use it.

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