How To Make A Video From Photos In Jio Phone

How to make a video from a photo in the Geo Phone: Geo Phone is a compact feature phone that has hit the whole of India. This phone has made history by selling the record-breaking sale in the year 2017 by selling the most feature phones. 

There is a lot of features in the Geo Phone that make it special. Today, we will tell you how to make videos of photo addition to live phone. So let’s learn how to decorate the photos in the phone, how to create a photo in the phone, how to decorate the photos in the phone, image to video, how to make a video in the phone.

make a photo of me on the phone

JioPhone is a keypad phone with a great build and it is a 4G Volt phone which is a big thing because you will get 4G services for only 1500 rupees on this phone, and not only that, you will get your 1500 rupees back even after one year. 

So this means that this phone will be free for you. On this, you can use apps like WhatsApp. Also, people can also know how to download games in the live phone. Let us now tell you how live photos make photos from photos.

How to create videos by adding photos to the live phone

There is no such software in the Geo Phone, through which you can make a video together with the photo, but you can create video from your live phone photo through online, which is easy. It takes only a few minutes and you can add a song of your choice to the sound in your video. Find out how to make a video from the photo in the phone call in the following steps:

How do videos make a photo from a phone on the phone

  • First, go to your mobile and turn on data connection.
  • Open the browser in your own phone.
  • After that go to Google to type image to video and search.
  • After this, you will see search results from which you first have to click on the link.
  • After this, the website will be open.
  • Here you get the option of Add Images, in which you can add up to 30 photos.
  • Click on images and upload the image.
  • The second option is Add Sound, you can put any song from here which will be the background of your video.
  • As soon as this happens, click on Create Video button and your video will start to convert.
  • Once you have Video Convert, you can save it, which you can share on WhatsApp Status, Facebook and Instagram.

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