How to make Phone Calls using JioFi 2 Router (Jio 4G) on any 2G/3G/4G

what’s happening guys it’s a burner from phone burns and in this video we are going to talk about how you can make calls using the JioFi2 router now we have already told you how to set up the geo phi2 router you can have a look at that will have a card up top now you have to download the Jio Zone app from the Google Play Store on your phones once you have done that open it up and give it all the permissions that it requires .

if you’re on android marshmallow that is so it will ask all these permissions you have to give modify system permissions as well so just allow it now you have to close all the open applications once done open geo join again now for the next step your 2g 3G or 4G phone should be connected to the JioFi2 router on Wi-Fi that is going to take some time to communicate with the router and is then going to send an OTP to your alternate number that you gave during the registration of your sim card enter that ODB it is going to go through the registration process very quickly and well you are all set it is going to start the Geo five services as soon as the OTP is entered so now you would have to make this the default messenger application now your SIM card needs to be activated it’s not activated nothing will work on it neither voice nor data.

you’ll get a message on your alternate number saying that your services are now active if not you really can’t do anything once it is activated you still need to call one nine seven seven foretell a verification and keep the ID documents that you gave during registration of the SIM card with you.

so once that is done your telegraphic ation through one nine seven seven is complete you can start making phone calls pretty easy stuff then you can send SMS as well and everything is unlimited till December 31st so the  JioFi2JioFi2  is the easiest way to get on geo services with your 2g 3G or 4G smartphone you can easily make calls using the geo joint application you can even make a video calls through it as well now one thing to note here is the geo joint application should always be on and it’s service always enabled otherwise you won’t get incoming calls or messages and now since this router has a battery of its own you can easily carry this around anywhere and be connected to 4G services making phone calls and using data free of charge on the go not just to add a word about call quality that has been actually pretty decent there is a bit of stutter at times when talking from this phone to a 2g or a 3G connection but overall it’s still quite decent and well it’s free as well well folks that was a quick video on the JioFi 2 router and how you can make phone calls with it a step-by-step guide will also publish

– on phone match coms they can have a look there I will have a link in description thanks for watching and as always have a great day you .

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