How to Track iPhone Without iCloud

Even if you have backed up your photos, contact list, and personal data recently, losing your iPhone can be a nightmare. If you don’t have a tracking app already installed, then you’ll need access to an iCloud account to find your lost iPhone.

Workarounds can be found, however. It is important to determine whether you lost your iPhone while out and about or if it is somewhere nearby to find it.

Use Find My iPhone

If you would like to track your iPhone, you will usually use Apple’s Find My iPhone app. You can track the location of your phone from another web-connected device using GPS. It is possible to track your iPhone without logging in to your iCloud account if you have to Find My iPhone installed on multiple devices, such as your iPhone and iPad.

You must log in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and password if you need to locate your lost device from a friend or co-worker’s device.

Using the tablet’s built-in GPS, you can track its movements in real time as you log in via your mobile device. It is therefore possible to watch your phone continue to move along the vehicle’s route until it arrives at its destination if you forget it on a bus or in a ride-share vehicle.

If your iPhone is online, it is marked by a green dot, and if it is offline, it is marked by a gray dot where it was last located.

Use Your Google Maps History

Logging into your Google account from another internet connected device and searching through your location history is possible if you have enabled your location history to be saved by Google Maps. To get the best results, identify the exact time between the last time you had your phone and now.

If you need to narrow down your phone’s location, you may need to look at the last ping your cellphone sent – the last time it communicated with a cellular tower. The location of an active phone can be determined by this, but your phone will not continue to ring if it is off or set to airplane mode.

Use Your Dropbox Camera Upload

In the event that your iPhone has been stolen and the thief has disabled the Find My iPhone app and placed the phone on airplane mode before you can track it, you might be able to locate it using the Dropbox app if you have it installed.

Your phone’s GPS location is not available with Dropbox, but you may be able to identify who stole it.

 Your Dropbox account will be notified if the thief takes any photos with your phone. It may be possible to extract faces, landmarks, or places from these images in order to identify the person who took your phone.

Use a Third-Party App

There are many third-party applications, programs, and websites that allow you to remotely locate your stolen or lost iPhone. You can download all of these apps from the App Store on iPhones for a reasonable price. These two apps are easy to use and don’t require iCloud. Unless someone knows the app is there, chances are they won’t know to disable it.

Tracking a Nearby iPhone

When trying to track a missing iPhone somewhere nearby, such as in a house or single location, using Apple’s built-in Find My iPhone app or other GPS-oriented tracking apps is not always a useful option, particularly if you don’t have access to your iCloud account.

Instead, there are a few methods to track down your iPhone in close quarters – as long as you have taken the proper pre-emptive measures.

Use Siri’s Voice Activation Feature

Hey Siri is available on iPhones that are newer than the iPhone 6s. The setup has to be done manually beforehand. When you activate the iPhone using this feature, you will hear a loud warning tone followed by the voice command Hey Siri. The tone should be audible if you are close to your iPhone, regardless of its current volume level.

Continue to speak with Siri after the activation tone. You should be able to follow her voice to locate your iPhone if she cannot hear you correctly.

Use Your Apple Watch

Tracking your iPhone does not require iCloud access if you own an Apple Watch. The iPhone and Mac can still be attached via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth even if your iPhone gets lost in close proximity to you.

The Apple Watch’s home screen will let you track your iPhone. Your iPhone should be displayed in green text or with a green phone icon in the Control Center when you swipe up. To find it, tap the Pinging iPhone icon. You can follow the sound it makes to find it.

Use Your iPhone’s LED Alerts

Turn on your iPhone’s rear LED flash when you receive a new notification if you want a visual aid to help you find it. Set this feature by selecting LED Flash for Alerts in your iPhone’s Accessibility section. You need to turn on the Flash on Silent setting. When your phone is missing, even if it is on silent, you should see the LED flash when you try to track it down.

Use a Friend’s Find My Friends App

Although you will need a close friend or relative to help you, this method can be helpful. You can locate the current location of your phone by going to your friend’s Find My Friends app if you use it to share your location with them.

Here are the steps you can take to engage your friend or family member in this activity in advance:

  1. Your phone must be open to find friends.
  2. On the app, tap Location Services off.
  3. Then tap Done.
  4. Press Add Friends and choose your family member or friend’s contact information.
  5. Click Share Indefinitely as prompted.
  6. Instruct your contact to open the Find Friends app and select Accept. They can choose not to share their location with you by clicking Don’t Share.

Now you should be able to see your iPhone’s location on your contact’s Find Friends app.

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