How to Turn Off Computer – How to Shut Down Computer?

You have done your work on the computer or you want to give rest to the computer for some time, or for some other reason you want to turn off the computer. We should give rest to the computer from time to time. By shutting down the computer, our computer is protected. Our data on the computer remains protected (Save) and energy is also saved by turning off the computer. For this, we have to turn off the computer. So let’s turn off our computer too.

Note: These things should be kept in mind before turning off the computer.

1 . Before turning off the computer, make sure that your work is saved in its correct place. If it does not, you can lose it.

2 . The program you are working on should also shut down the computer before turning off.

3 . If you have a disk installed, remove it before turning off the computer and keep it in a safe place.

Now we are ready to turn off the computer. In this lesson, the computer is also called Turn Off, Shut Down, will learn to do it in many ways. So let’s turn off the computer.

ethods to shut down the computer

Method 1.

Step: #1

  Click on the Windows Start Button . Or press the Windows Logo Key from the keyboard.

Step: #2

Clicking on the Start Button opens the Start Menu. Find Shut Down Button from here. You will find it on the right side down in the Start Menu.

Step: #3

Shut Down Button has two buttons, the first Shut Down and the second Arrow. You have to click on the first button and your Computer Shut Down will be done.

Note: If you click on Arrow, then the Shut Down Button key will open in front of you. There are some more buttons related to turning off the computer.

Windows Shut Down Button

Method 2.

Now we will turn off the computer with the help of the keyboard. This is not a different way. But, this saves time in turning off the computer. You can turn off your computer in just a few seconds. So let’s Shut Down Computer in this way.

Step: #1

First press Alt + F4 simultaneously from the keyboard. On pressing this shortcut, our Shut Down Window is openly exposed to us.

Windows Shut Down Window

Step: #2

Now you have to open Drop Down List from Shut Down Window. For this, click on this arrow.

Shut Down window is open

Step: #3

Now you have to click on the Shut Down option from the Drop Down List so that it is selected.

Selecting shutdown from shutdown window

Step: #4

After this, press Enter from the keyboard and your Computer Shut Down will be done.

Method 3.

This method is the easiest and absolutely simple. However, the computer should never turn off in this manner. Because, our aim is to learn. Therefore, this method is being described here.

  1. Press the Power Button from your CPU, also known as Case, and your Computer Shut Down will be done.

what have you learned?

Now, you have become well aware of how to turn off the computer. You have learned how to turn off any computer. And what should be kept in mind before turning off the computer. We hope that this tutorial has been useful for you.


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