How to Zoom in and Zoom out (Small and Big) Web Pages

You run the internet every day and read and look at hundreds of webpages to find new information. This cycle goes on continuously till our work is completed.

The information contained in these webpages is available in multimedia format, that is, in addition to text, videos, graphics, etc. are also present. Many times this available information is small and accurate, because it is not visible properly, then we leave that information.

But after reading this tutorial, it will not happen because in this tutorial I will tell you away after which you will be able to read and watch even the smallest details.

I am talking about doing Zoom to webpage. Yes, by zooming any webpage, you can enlarge the information contained in it. This process is called Zoom In and Zoom Out.

And in this tutorial, I am telling you how to zoom in and zoom out the webpage.

How To Zoom In and Zoom Out A Webpage ?

Step: 1 Open a browser

First of all, you have to open a browser. The browser in which you run the Internet. I am using Google Chrome browser here.

Step: 2 Go to a website

After opening the browser, you have to go to a website. There is no restriction here. Any website can be opened. Because, we are learning to zoom any website or webpage here.

Therefore, you can open any website to learn. If you want, you can bookmark our site

Step: Press + & – with Ctrl from 3 keyboard

After visiting the website, you have to press the + key with the Ctrl key from the keyboard . And repeat this work till you reach the appropriate level.

I mean when you start seeing the smallest thing right.

When you press Ctrl + +, the webpage will start to enlarge on the screen in front of you and the information in it will start to appear bigger and clearer in front of you.

Zooming in on a webpage is called Zoom In.

When you see the information, press the – key with Ctrl from the keyboard to come back. Do this work also till you reach the normal level.

Zooming out a webpage by zoom is called Zoom Out.

Work tip

By pressing Ctrl + 0 (Zero) from the keyboard, the normal level ie 100% can be reached at a time.

So in this way, you can view and read any webpage by making it smaller than normal.

You have only done this keyboard. However, you can also do this with the mouse and keyboard. I am telling you the method below.

How to Zoom In & Zoom Out with the mouse and keyboard

First of all, you repeat steps 1-2 in the manner mentioned above. By doing this, a webpage will open in front of you.

After this, you press the Ctrl key from the keyboard and move the mouse backward. As you do this, the webpage will start to get bigger in front of you.

And to make the webpage smaller, rotate the spin inward with the Ctrl key from the keyboard. The webpage will start being smaller. Do this work until the webpage reaches the normal level.

Keep in mind – By pressing the mouse spin with Ctrl, you can Zoom In & Zoom Out anywhere (desktop, any program etc.) other than the webpage.

What did you learn ?

In this article, I have told you how to zoom the webpage. You know how to zoom in and zoom out the webpage.

You have learned to do Zoom In & Zoom Out with this keyboard and mouse with the keyboard.

Along with the webpage, any part of the computer has learned a tremendous computer tip to Zoom In & Zoom Out. I hope you like this computer tip and will prove useful for you.


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