How To Index New Blog Article In Google?

Indexing Is A Process Without Which It Is Impossible To Rank Any Blog Or Webpage And It Takes A Lot Of Time To Index A New Blog In The Beginning.

And New Bloggers Are Always Worried About Indexing, When Their Blog Will Be Indexed And When Their Posts Will Rank In Google, Then They Know That Article Ko Google Me Index Kaise Kare

In Google?
In Google?

But It Is Not Possible To Rank Your Post Only By Being Indexed In Google, There Is A Huge Difference Between Indexing And Ranking, Which Initially Bloggers Do Not Understand.

So Are You Also Not Able To Understand How Your Blog Will Be Indexed In Google, If Yes Then Complete This Article?

If You Want To Index Your Blog In Google, Then Before That You Have To Understand The Indexing, Because It Is Very Important To Understand The Question Before Solving Any Question, Otherwise Your Efforts May Be Wrong.

What Is Indexing

Friends, You Can Understand Indexing In Such A Way That You Have Created Your New Blog And You Want Google To Understand Your Blog And When Google Understands Your Blog, Then Google Starts Storing Your Articles With You.

And You Can Call This Process As Indexing Which Is A Very Tricky Process If You Understand How Google Can Quickly Identify Your Website, Then Indexing Also Becomes Very Easy But It Is Not Going To Be Understood In A Single Day. Is

Google Passes The Website Through Three Processes Before Indexing Any Website, If Your Website Passes These Three Processes, Then Your Blog Or Web Page Gets Indexed Soon. Let Us Understand Indexing In Detail.

How Is An Article Indexed In Google?

As You Have Mentioned Above That Any Web Page Or Article Has To Go Through Three Stages Before It Is Indexed In Google, But What Is That Step Let Us Know.

Discovery – Any Article Has To Be Discovered Before It Can Be Google Index. Discover Means That Google Has Found Any Of Your Web Pages.

When Google Discovers Your Article, Then You Can Easily See It In Your Webmaster Account.

All Your Articles Have Been Discovered By Google Bot, You Will Be Able To Easily See Them In The Coverage Option Inside Google Search Console.

Crawling- Crawling Is Another Step To Index A New Webpage In Which Google’s Bots Visit Your Website’s Page.

And Try To Understand Your Page, What Is Your Page, What Kind Of Information Is Available On The Page And Only After Crawling Google Is Able To Decide.

In Which Category To Keep Your Web Page And On Which Keywords Your Page Can Be Shown To The User.

Indexing – Indexing Is The Last Step In Indexing Any New Web Page, In Which Google Saves Your Page With Itself.

And Google Will Decide At Which Position To Index Your Page And When To Rank It, All This Work Is In The Hands Of Google Itself.

But If You Optimize Your Page Properly, Then It May Be That Google Will Start Showing In The Result Only After Indexing Your Web Page.

How To Check Whether A Web Page Is Indexed

This Question Is In The Mind Of Many People That How Can They Check The Indexing Status Of Their Website Or Any Article, To Check The Indexing Of Any Article, We Use Google To Check Whether The Article Is Indexed In Google Or Not. Can Do

To Check The Indexing Status Of The Article, First You Have To Come To Google And Write This Code In Google

Site:page URL (Instead Of Page URL, You Have To Check This Article, Enter The URL Of That Article, See The Photo, You Will Understand)

In This Way, You Can Easily Know The Indexing Status Of Any Article And Can Index The Article Google Me.

Now You Know What Is Indexing And How Google Indexes A New Page And Provides Ranking To It. There Are Also Some Methods With The Help Of Which You Can Make This Process Of Indexing Very Fast. Those Methods

How To Index Article Quickly

Below You Are Going To Find Some Such Methods That You Use On The Pages Of Your Website, Then Your Article Will Be Able To Be Indexed In Google Soon, Let’s Know All Those Tips.

Google Search Console

Friends, Google Search Console Is The Only Way To Index Your Blog Post In Google, Which Can Index Your Article Very Soon, From This Link, You Can Get Information About Google Search Console.

You Can Submit Your Website To Google Search Console And Submit A Sitemap Along With Submitting The Website.

For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That Sitemap Is Such A Way With The Help Of Which You Can Show The Complete Map Of Your Website To Google, If You Do Not Have A Sitemap On Your Website, Then Definitely Make It.

To Check Sitemap, Enter The URL Of Your Website And Enter /Sitemap.Xml, The Page Opens In Front Of You In This Way

If This Page Is Not Showing On Your Website It Means There Is No Sitemap On Your Website And Indexing Issues Can Also Come Due To Lack Of Sitemap.

Submit URL Manually

Requesting The Website To Be Indexed By Submitting The URL Can Also Be A Better Option If You Use The Google Search Console Tool, Then You Will Know About It And Otherwise You Will Know Now.

To Submit The URL Manually, First Go To Google Search Console And In The Search Bar Enter Your URL Which You Want To Index And Click On Search

The Page Opens In Front Of You Like This, Click On Request Indexing Here And In This Way You Can Index Your Web Page

Check Robots.Txt

Friends, If You Have Done The Above Mentioned Two Things And Still Your Web Page Is Not Showing On Google Then There May Be Some Error In Your Robots.Txt File.

Robots.Txt File Strengthens The Technical SEO Of Your Website, But It Is Very Important To Make It Properly, You Can Also Check It Online, Google Has Provided A Tool To Check Robots.Txt Online, Which Is Named Robots.Txt Tester. This Also Makes A Difference In Indexing The Article To A Great Extent.

You Can Check Robots.Txt On Your Website Through This Tool By Clicking On The Given Link And If There Is Something Wrong With It, Then Rectify It Immediately.

Use Pingomatic

Ping O Matic Is Also A Tool That Tells Google Or Any Search Engine What Is The New Update On A Website, You Can Also Take Its Help.

You Can Submit The URL Of Your Web Page By Visiting Ping O Matic’s Website, This Also Increases The Chances Of Your Page Getting Indexed.

But Excessive Use Of This Tool Can Also Be Harmful For You And We Are Not Saying That It Has Been Written On Raelyntan Blog Itself , You May Have To Read It.

Regular Article Post

Updating Regular Articles Can Also Be A Good Effort For Any New Blog Or Blogger Because By Publishing Regular Articles, Google Knows That Your Blog Is Updated Regularly And Bots Crawl Your Website Daily.

By Publishing Regular Blog Posts, I Do Not Mean That You Write And Publish Blogs Daily, I Only Mean That You Publish Blog Posts In A Regular Way.

For Example, If You Write And Publish An Article Every Two Days, Then The Article Should Be Published Every Two Days, Don’t Do It, Write An Article Today, Then Write It Tomorrow And Then Not Write A Single Article For A Week.

Doing This Sends A Bad Signal To Google And Google Does Not Remove Your Website From The Sandbox Quickly.

Internal Links

Internal Links Are Also A Good Way To Quickly Index Any New Web Page Of Your Website In Google, With The Help Of Internal Links, You Can Index Your Website Quickly.

Because Your Page Or Article Is Already Indexed On Google And You Interlink The Same Article With A New Article Or Page, This Sends A Positive Signal To Google And Whenever Google Crawls Your Page, Link Juice Will Pass. Is

But Your Relevant Inter Linking Has To Be Done And All Internal Links Should Have The Tag Of Do Follow Otherwise The Link Juice Will Not Pass.

High Quality Content

Content Also Plays A Role In Whether A Webpage Is Indexed Or Not, If You Write High Quality Content, Then Probably Your Article Google Indexes Quickly Because Google Wants Quality Content.

And Anyway, Quality Content Helps To Rank Your Article In Google, So Try To Pay More Attention To The Quality Of The Content And Not The Quantity.

And The Sooner You Get This Thing In Your Mind, The Sooner You Can Get Success In Your Blogging Career.


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