Jio 4G Voice Offline Call Not Connecting Problem Solved

Jio 4G Voice Offline Call Not Connecting Problem

Jio 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem with the help of the logo Some of the questions have been filed in this book, Jio 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem. In fact, this problem has been solved in a voltage and non- volte user problem. How to solve 4G Volte Problem? is available on the 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem. I would like to see you today. Chatting is the only way to get 4G Voice Offline and Call Not Connecting Problem. supported

4G Voice Offline/ Call Not Connecting Problem in Hindi, agar Aapke Bhi 4G Voice Call karne me of Offline show kar rha hai to don’t worry We are telling you about how to Solve 4g Voice Call Offline and Call Not a Connecting Problem.

4G Voice app” You do not have to 4G Voice App to download your phone 4G supported Mobile. Volte supported smartphone is up to step.

If you do not have a mobile phone, only 4G is required to move to the next step:

How to configure Jio 4G Voice :

  1. most of Mobile company 4G Sim only Slot 1 me provide kiya hai, so Jio 4G Sim 1 Slot me dale.
  2. 4G Voice App Download (If you have any questions, please try again)
  3. Go to setting >>Mobile network>> “search network manually” me jaye or net search kare
  4. To get a name from the 7-8 network, click on the ” Jio 4G ” network.
  5. Once the ” Jio 4G ” network is registered, open the 4G Voice app.
  6. Ab Network Data on Kare. | (Jio Sim’s network data on kare)
  7. The data on your phone is 4G Voice Connecting to Jayega. (As shown in the lower screenshots)

Jio 4G voice Offline call Not conneting problem


No-Volte ‘ Jio 4G Voice Offline ‘ or Call Not Connect Problem Has Been Solved You can send SMS to “Online” show Hoga from AAP to Phone Call. (This is a non-volte user only.

Aapka Agar Volte Phone Hai To Aapka Mobile Me Jio 4G Voice Offline / Call Not Connecting Problem Aa Rahi Hai To Jio 4G Sim Ko L Slot Me Use Kare K Sabhi Kyoki Mobile Company Me Volte Support Sim Slot L Me Karti Hai K

Jio 4G Offline solution 2 in Hindi

If you have a mobile phone me 4G Voice is offline, then there is a problem connecting me to a problem that has a bar on the bar. Fir Se Data On Kare K Aapka Jio 4G Voice Offline show hat Jayega or Aapka Jio 4G Online Connect Ho Jayega

Jio 4G Offline solution 3 in Hindi

If you want to join another company, you can use the Internet for free, use the Internet.

other solution

This phone has a phone call to Jio 4G for Sim Chalane, which has 2 pieces of 2 seconds. If you are not able to get 4G Sim Sim is not able to show anything Sim Slot 2 has the ability to simulate only 1 or 2 of Sim Slot (Sim Slot 1 me is the same).

I have no idea that the mobile company will not be able to provide one-to-one support. Agar Aap other company is the Simtel, the idea is that Vodafone Jaise Chalana Chahte is on Sim Slot 1 to Karke Internet Chala Sakte.

Still, Call Connect Problem (Jio 4G Se Call Connect Problem in Hindi)

The problem with Jio 4G is that I have a problem with the caller. If you want to dial the number of calls you have to call the call immediately, then disconnect (band) is there.

so to this Problem, You can try the bar-bar dial Pad from 7-8 times, Call Connect ho Jayega. (Kyoki kai company has a Jio Sim’s block which is called Jesse Call No Lagta, so call 7-8 times for Call try.

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