How to Mute Zoom Without Muting Computer (Easy Steps)

For every kind of business meeting and conference in 2021, Zoom has become the go-to application. As utility increases, efficiency must also increase. Due to a lack of information, many of the features on both your computer and Zoom are not being used. In these circumstances, hacks like these are very useful.

In order to mute Zoom audio without muting your computer, an ingenious hack must be used. It can be befuddling to turn down the volume during Zoom meetings, as it may result in lowering the computer volume jointly. This solution to the problem is incredibly simple and clever at the same time.

It is possible to mute the Zoom during a Zoom meeting. If you don’t want the computer muted, then do not mute it. What should I do? After reading the explanation below, you will be able to do that. There are some other explanations for muting and unmuting zoom that we will give you as well.

Disable Zoom Audio Without Mute Computer Volume

If you are looking to enhance the quality of your Zoom experience, you have to simplify your use of Windows 10′s ‘Volume Mixer’ feature. If you are experiencing a Zoom call, right-click on the sound icon in the bottom right of the Windows Taskbar and then select ‘Open Volume Mixer from the expanded menu.


It provides several volume options for various applications, which can be customized. Click on the Sound icon in the bottom-right corner of the Zoom Meeting vertical bar to select the Zoom Meeting volume bar among them. Using this method, your Zoom meeting audio would be muted without affecting the sound on your computer or any other application.

In some situations, such hacks can prove to be lifesavers, so they cannot be ignored. If you need to mute your Zoom meeting next time you are on a Zoom call, follow the instructions in the discussion and you will soon see your Zoom meetings running more smoothly.

Muting Yourself in Zoom Meetings

In the Zoom video screen, on the bottom left side, you can find an option to mute yourself when you become a meeting host. The Mute option is next to the Start Video option in that section. The red line that appears across it when you click on the image will appear when you click on it. Your account has been muted. You cannot hear any of the participants now. Your voice will be heard again if you unmute yourself.

Want to make changes to your audio settings? You can choose to do that by clicking on the arrow at the top of the screen. You can mute yourself from the Participants section if you want to. There is a button to the right of the screen.

Zoom’s Mute Button

The Alt+A keyboard shortcut allows you to mute or unmute yourself while holding a Zoom meeting on Windows. To use the Shift+Command+A feature on a Mac, press Shift+Command+A. So you can only use these shortcuts if you use a PC.

Is it possible to temporarily muffle ourselves with a button? You can mute or unmute yourself temporarily by long-pressing the Space Bar key. You can use these shortcuts whenever you want to mute or unmute your audio without using your mouse.

If we host a Zoom meeting, all participants are muted

At the bottom of the Zoom app, you will find a Mute All option. You can mute all participants by clicking on it.

Upon clicking the Mute All option, you will see a new window appear. After you confirm your choice, you will receive another pop-up window. By clicking Yes, you are enabling Mute for everyone.

The menu has three dots as well. Located in the Participant section on the right-hand side of the screen. How does it work? Mute settings can be controlled for people who join a meeting.

There are a variety of options available for muting or unmuting the three-dot menu. You can here choose to muffle entries into the meeting room on your own and you can enable the option that participants can unmute themselves.

You can also use shortcuts to mute all participants as a host. To mute and unmute everyone except yourself as the host in Zoom, you can use keyboard shortcuts. How can shortcuts be used? The following list shows you the results.

  • Alt+M

In Windows, you can use this shortcut to mute and unmute.

  • Command+Control+M

You can use this shortcut to mute all participants except the host. The shortcut works on Macs.

  • Command+Control+U

You can use this shortcut to unmute audio for all participants except the host. Mac users can use this shortcut.

How to Mute Certain Participants on Zoom?

On Zoom, you can easily mute certain participants. On the Zoom meeting screen, you will find the Participants section on the right side. To mute a participant, you must run the mouse pointer over their name. You will see a Mute button, and clicking on it will do the job. As a result, those participants who are muted by you will also be muted.

When holding a Zoom meeting, you can now mute certain participants if you think you need to do so.

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