FIX: Can’t Run as Administrator on Windows 10

You may need to carry out a few actions if you find that Windows 10 is not opening the Run as administrator context menu option or you are unable to run the program as an administrator.

Run as administrator not working

Can’t Run as Administrator on Windows 10
Can’t Run as Administrator on Windows 10

To fix this Run as administrator not working issue, follow these steps:

  1. You should check your antivirus software
  2. Shortcut for Command Prompt
  3. Turn off all context menu items that are not Microsoft
  4. Set up a new user account
  5. Updating Windows 10
  6. Switch to Safe Mode

Solution 1: Check Your Antivirus Software

You need antivirus software to detect and remove viruses on a Windows 10 computer. The antivirus software installed on Windows 10 may, however, conflict with its features.

You should therefore check the quarantine list of your antivirus software to see if it includes the Command Prompt. The consent.exe file can be quarantined by Avast, according to some users. You may experience issues with the Command Prompt. You’ll need to remove this file from quarantine if the issue occurs to you.

You should uninstall your antivirus software as well as you can run Command Prompt as administrator on Windows 10 by uninstalling the software. That means the conflict with Command Prompt is caused by antivirus software. You can use another antivirus program instead.

Solution 2: Create a Command Prompt Desktop Shortcut

A shortcut created for the Command Prompt could occasionally resolve this issue. Here are some other options:

1. Go to New > Shortcut by right-clicking your computer desktop.

2. Type cmd.exe in the box that is below Type the location of the item and then clicks Next.

follow these steps:
follow these steps:

3. You can type your desired name here and click Finish.

You will now run Command Prompt, not as an administrator, if you click the shortcut. You can run it as an Administrator by following these steps:

  1. Create a shortcut by right-clicking it and selecting Properties.
  2. Select Advanced from the Security menu.
  3. Then click OK to run the file as an administrator.
  4. Save the changes by clicking OK and Apply.

Once this is done, you can double-click this shortcut to open Command Prompt as administrator.

Solution 3: Disable All Non-Microsoft Context Menu Items

You can also have this problem with Windows 10 by using a context menu. You can try disabling all the non-Microsoft context menu items. You’ll need ShellExView, a third-party software. Advanced users can use this solution.

To find non-Microsoft entries in your context menu, simply download the program onto your computer and run it. You can then disable all of them.

Solution 4: Create a New User Account

You can also experience this issue if your user account is causing the problem. You can create a new account to test the service.

  1. Start by clicking Start.
  2. You can find other users by clicking Settings > Account > Other users.
  3. To add another user, click the Plus icon.
  4. You can create a new user by right-clicking Users.
  5. Then click Create to enter the information.

Solution 5: Update Windows 10

You can also update Windows 10 to the latest version to fix this issue because the new version usually fixes the bugs in the old version.

You can perform a Windows 10 update by visiting Start > Settings > Update & Security > Check for updates.

Solution 6: Use Safe Mode

Windows 10 can be started in Safe Mode to see the default settings. Some computer processes can be troubleshot using Safe Mode. You can fix the issue in Safe Mode if the issue disappears in Safe Mode.

Bottom Line

6 solutions will teach you how to fix the problem of running Windows 10 Command Prompt as administrator. Your issue should be resolved effectively by them. You can tell us about any related issues in the comment section.

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