How to Share Files Between Two Computers?

In our lives, the utility of computers is increasing every day, due to which we are dependent on computers, most of our work is being done through computers, so we have to work on many computers in a single day, such as At home, we use our personal computer and use another computer in the office.

in such a situation, we sometimes have to move a file from one computer to another and sometimes we have to transfer a file from another computer in the office itself Have to share in How to share files between two computers? Regarding this, you are telling us step by step on this page today.

File sharing method

There are many ways to share files from one computer to another, one of them is a lane cable, which we also call Ethernet cable, it is used to connect computers, a network, switch or hub, etc. With the help of two computers are connected to each other, after that you can send any file to each other.

1. Connect both computers with LAN cable

To share data between two computers, you have to connect both computers with one lane cable, in this one computer is named System 1 and the other is System 2, so that it is easy to understand.

2.Going the settings of Network and Sharing Center of System 1 and System 2

First of all, you have to open System 1, there you have to go to the Network and Sharing Center, for this you go to the Control Panel, after that you click on the Network and Sharing Center option there, now in front of you change advance sharing center The option will come, you have to click on it, after that go to the All Network and select the turn on sharing anyone option, now you have to go to the password protected sharing option, you turn it off, then save Click on changes.

  • 1. First of all open the Control panel
  • 2. Click on Network and Sharing Center
  • 3.Change click on advance sharing center
  • 4.Now click on All Networks
  • 5. Now in public folder sharing, select option on turn on
  • 6. Select the turn off option in password protected
  • 7. Now save the setting by clicking on save changes

3. Go to System 1’s Ethernet

Now you have to go on the Ethernet cable, there you have to set the properties for it, to set the properties you have to go to the network and sharing center of system 1, here you have to double click, after that you have to click on the properties. , Now you have to double click on internet protocol version 4 (tcp / ipv4).

  • 1.Network sharing center
  • Double click on 2.ethernet
  • 3.Now click on properties
  • Double click on 4.internet protocol version 4 (tcp / ipv4)

Now you will have the option to use the following ip address, you have to select it, after that you have to put the IP address given below there.

  • Insert in 1.ip address column
  • 2.Subnet mask put
  • 3. Insert in Default Gateway
  • 4. Insert to the Preferred DNS Server
  • 5. Click OK and save the settings

4. Go to System 2’s Ethernet

Now you have to double click on Ethernet of system 2, after that you have to go to properties, here you have to double click on internet protocol version 4 (tcp / ipv4), now you have to enter the IP address, like in system 1 Was inserted, after that you have to save the settings by clicking ok.

  • 1. Enter in the IP address column.
  • 2.Subnet mask put
  • 3. Insert in Default Gateway
  • 4. Insert to the Preferred DNS Server
  • 5. Click OK to save the settings.

5. Sending files

You have to right click on whatever file you want to send, after this you have to click on share with, now you have to click on specific people option, after that select every option and click on add, now on share Click, in this way your file will be shared in the network drive, after which the other computer connected to your computer, you can access this file from there.

  • To share a file, right-click above that file.
  • select share with option
  • click on specific people option
  • select every option
  • click on add
  • click share

In this way, you can share the file from one computer to another.

Here we told you about sharing the file between two computers, if you are facing any problem in sharing the file, or want to get any other information related to it, then you can ask through the comment box. , We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions.

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