Where Are The Women In Computer Science?

Usually, I scroll over the mass of school club classified ads on Facebook because none of them clearly interested me. However, after I noticed that WiCS, the Women in Computer Science Club at faculty turned into organizing an excursion at the Tumblr workplace in NYC, I became hooked. Attending faculty at Barnard College, I knew I was going to be trapped within the Morningside Heights bubble, which supposed that I turned into going to be lazy and now not take gain of the fantastic city that I turned into in, yet by myself take the subway everywhere out of the Upper West Side. Never did I imagine that touring Tumblr might be a catalyst for turning into a Computer Science fundamental. At the start majoring in Psychology my freshman yr, I began testing the waters for Computer Science. After taking numerous introductory courses, I hesitated on being a “CS principal” however, once I joined WiCs, I decided to take the bounce to become a PC technology major.

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Everyone informed me it changed into now not going to be easy – but it might be worth it. And to this point, it’s miles.

Honestly, without my network of sturdy, unbiased, and fearless ladies, I don’t assume I would have made it. There exists a stigma with women in STEM, mainly in PC technological know-how because it’s far any such male ruled subject. Wix’s records that best 29.1% of CS Undergraduate and 30.1% of CS Master college students at Columbia University are the girls, illustrating the disparity in academia for women in Computer Science.

Where are the women in Silicon Valley? Or even in higher degree tech positions?

The solutions to these questions are not clean-cut. However, this is wherein WiCS comes into the photo. As a supportive community, which seeks to deliver together both women and men to empower ladies in academia and the industry. I love being a part of WiCS because of what it does for the wider PC technological know-how community. From company occasions to our massive networking dinner NetWiCS, WiCS always seeks to offer an attractive and inclusive environment for all who’re captivated with the era.

One part of WiCS that stands out to me is that I can honestly say that the women I met thru WiCS are a number of my largest function fashions. Some of them are my classmates, TAs or maybe simply buddies; however, those ladies do amazing matters and move on to paintings at high-quality groups like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn. I wish one day I can return to the CS community by way of being a function model to some of the more youthful girls.