How to Direct Download Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft?

Are you curious about Windows 11? You can download Windows 11 ISO without being an insider by following the directions below.

The next version of Windows will be announced by Microsoft on June 24th, 2022. In other words, Windows 11. There are few Windows 11 builds out so far for Insiders to try out the new user interface and features.

Insiders have the opportunity to preview different stages of development of the UI and features.

MicroSoft Windows 11 Special Highlights

Article onWindows ISO File Download
Windows VerisonWindows 11 32/ 64 bit
Launching OrganisationMicrosoft Corporation
Official Website of the
New Windows Launch Announcement24th Jan 20221 (11 am)
Official Windows 11 Launch dateIn October

For Windows 11 to install on your machine, you need to become a member of the Windows Insider program. It’s still hard to get ISOs from Microsoft, even for insiders.

Would you be interested in downloading Windows 11 ISO? You might need a Windows 11 ISO for a variety of reasons. You might use this method, for example, to install Windows 11 on a virtual machine, to get the latest Windows 11 insider build ISO without signing up for the Insider program, to install offline, to look through setup files, etc.

You will find this guide useful no matter why you want to download Windows 11 ISO. No Insider is needed. You can download the ISO file by following the steps below.

Windows 11 System Requirements

As per the latest news leakage, the minimum system requirements for installing windows 11 in your system is provided below –

  • Minimum 2 gb Ram, recommended is 2 gb Ram
  • Single-Core processor – 1.2 ghz, 32 – bit or Single Core Processor – 1.4 ghz, 64 – bit, recommended is Dual Core Processor – 2 ghz
  • 15 gb minimum Hard disk space, recommended is 18 gb
  • Screen Resolution of 1024*768, recommended is 1680*1050

New features in Windows 11

  • Multitasking is one of the best features of Windows 11. It is evident by the grouping of several task windows, the split-screen, and so on.
  • Widgets make up Windows 11.
  • Windows 11 comes with a variety of fresh sounds.
  • The ‘Search Bar’, ‘Start Menu,’ and ‘Taskbar’ have all been redesigned.
  • Windows 11 provides access to Dark Mode.
  • New icons have attractive signs that are highly impressive.
  • Windows 8 fixes problems experienced in earlier versions of the software with improved touch controls.
  • In Windows 11, you will see numerous bars with rounded corners. Additionally, the pointed corners aren’t available or applicable.

Direct Download Windows 11 ISO

We will use a tool called UUPdump for obtaining Windows 11 ISO files. If you don’t know, UUPdump is a free dump tool that brings directly from the Windows Update servers individual Windows files and repackages them into ISO images.

The best thing about UUPdump is that every insider build or cumulative update you can download is an ISO image. To create custom Windows ISO files, developers and system administrators use UUPdump.

1. Start by visiting UUPdump. You can now search for Windows 11 by typing it in the search bar. You will then see a link for “Windows 11 Insider Preview” under the “Build” section. You should make sure that the build you are trying to download is x64, and that it is the latest one. Currently, I’m downloading “Windows 11 Insider Preview v10.0.22000.65 x64.“.

2. Click on the “Next” button and choose a language from the “Language” dropdown menu.

3. Now, under “Editions”, select the editions of Windows 11 that you want to be included in the ISO. It’s Windows 11 Pro I prefer in my case. That was the only option I selected. It’s also possible to get Windows 11 Home edition. Click “Next” when you’re done.

4. If you are prompted to select a download method, choose “Download and convert to ISO”. Click the “Create download package” button after unchecking all the checkboxes under the “Conversion options.”

Note: You can determine if the ISO will include all Windows updates by selecting the “Include updates” checkbox under “Conversion options.” As a result, the overall download size will increase, and it takes a long time to download the ISO file. You may want to exclude this option when testing out the new build because it is a bit slower. As a result, Windows 11 will automatically download updates for you.

5. You can download the package installer zip file by using the above command. Find the ZIP file in your Downloads folder, right-click, and select the “Extract All” button.

6. Click the “Extract” button and the default location will be select. A new folder will be created in the same directory as the contents of the ZIP.

7. You can now open the extracted folder. If you do not select another folder during extraction, it is found in the same directory as the ZIP file.

8. You will find scripts here for downloading the Windows files from Windows Update servers. Attempt to run the “uup_download_windows.cmd” file by right-clicking and selecting “run as administrator”.

9. Those actions will execute the script. You will be prompted to choose the options you want to apply to the Windows update files. It will now begin to download them for you. What is occurring in the command window will be shown.

10. Using the DISM tools, the script will create an ISO image after downloading the update files. You’ll see the “Done” message after it’s completed. If you want to close the command window now, press the “0” key, or click the “X” button appearing at the top-right corner of the window.

Note: You will have to wait a short time for the DISM tool to finish extracting and repackaging the updates if you chose to download Windows updates in step 4. The progress bar may become stuck from time to time. There is nothing wrong with it. You can just leave it alone and wait until it’s done.

11. After you execute the script in step 8, the Windows 11 ISO file will be found in the same directory as the downloaded file.

Windows 11 can be installed on VMware or VirtualBox once you’ve downloaded the ISO file. You can mount it directly in File Explorer or boot it directly from a USB drive.

There you have it. Windows 11 ISO can be downloaded as easily as that.

You can leave a comment if you’re stuck or need some help, and I’ll see what I can do.

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