Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet PDF

The Windows 10 Creators Update is packed with new features.  And if you can’t get to the Start menu, run the Command Prompt or do something in particular without hunting it down, here are some shortcuts that will speed up your work — and maybe even make you look like a wizard.

Microsoft Windows 10 now includes various new keyboard shortcuts that focus on ‘snapping’ several programs side-by-side, monitor management, and Virtual Desktops. Having a cheat sheet like this can save time while learning these new features.

Shortcut Cheat Sheet  PDF
Shortcut Cheat Sheet PDF

The Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts give you a whole new set of capabilities that may help you work more efficiently.

Below is a chart, or cheat sheet if you will, with the newest keyboard shortcuts to make working with Windows 10 easier.

1) Win + A File Explorer   

2) Win + H Share

3) Win + I Settings

4) Win + Q Task Switcher (for Instant Apps only)

5) Win + O File creation dialog box

6) Shift+Win+M OneDrive menu (backup files to OneDrive from File Explorer and open your OneDrive folders in File Explorer)

7) Win + Shift + C Command Prompt (launch and go to the end of your command line entry)

8) Win+Shift+Left/Right Arrow Dock window side-by-side with previously opened window.  (example: Win + Shift + Right will dock the left side of the app you are in next to another open app on the right side, or if both apps have multiple windows open it will show one document from each app side by side.)

9) Win + Plus (+) Zoom in with Camera App.    

10) Win + Minus (-) Zoom out with Camera App.   

11 ) Alt + Enter Full Screen Mode for particular app.  (For instance, select a photo and hit Alt + Enter to view it in full screen mode.)

12) Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow Move Windows Snap Views Left or Right.   

13) Ctrl+Win+Left/Right Arrow Dock Window to the side of your monitor.  (For instance, if you have two windows open and you want them next to each other, this will do that quickly.)

14) Win + Up Arrow Maximize current window.   

15) Win + Down Arrow Return window to original size.   

16) Win + Left/Right Arrows Dock window left or right half of screen until it reaches the edge of the monitor (and stop pushing it over there).    

17 ) Win + Shift + Left/Right Arrows Move current window from one monitor to another.   

18) Win+P Quick presentation mode (for projecting your screen on another computer).   

19) Win+T Cycle through taskbar items.  (This will move the focus of the currently open app or window so you can choose what you want to switch to.)

20) Ctrl+Shift+Esc Open Task Manager.   

21 ) Win+(+) /Win-(-) Switch back and forth between virtual desktops if you have more than one setup.   

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